Minutes of the steering group meeting 04/06/2019

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Please feel free to add or edit anything that I missed out or got wrong.


PollyRobbinsOutlandish Tue 4 Jun 2019 9:16PM

- We have announced July 13th for the event. Keen to sort something out in time for that.
- We need to decide if this is for wider community engagement, or for appointing officers

- On August 10th we have a stall at the FP anniversary. We can use that as engagement and then appoint officers later.

- Before becoming an officer, people need to have attended a few meetings and read all the relevant documents

- But we should still monopolise on the anniversary event. Maybe 13th July is just an opportunity to constitutionally appoint officers, and then we reappoint them after engagement phase after the summer. At the event, have several activities that engage diverse communities so that we are widening the pool of people who want to be engaged
- What are the other events that are running, which are good opportunities for engagement

- Waiting for the website to be ready before doing any other promo like newsletters and flyers

Jonathan ran through some of the wording from the constitution and pointed out that the key roles, and the different phases of creating the group. The most influential people are really the steering groups, rather than the committee (chair, treasurer, secretary). Once we have the four officers appointed, then they elect a steering group, and from the steering group members is elected a chair
1. Elect the Forum (chair, vice chair, treasurer, membership secretary)
2. Form the steering group (minimum 9, or ideally 15 people, minimum 3 from each borough and diverse communities)
3. Steering group then finalises policy, and recommends to the forum that they submit it (it elects a 'decision-making' chair)

  • Lawrence would be up for going for membership secretary (happy to step down after the summer if someone better comes along, he would then go to steering group)
  • No one else wants to do any of the statutory forum roles

Susie: we need to make it clear to people how many meetings they will need to attend (3 meetings per year minimum)
Polly: Are there serious repercussions if we continue without a statutory forum?
Elizabeth: Not really, the council isn't asking questions yet
Dorothy: It's really urgent to appoint a new chair, because I want to take a step back from this role. It's been tough to get people to make progress between meetings

Shall we just urge someone to take over the role, at least for the summer until we have engaged more people. Maybe we could approach Hugh for this?

Jonathan: Could we just employ an administrator, who gets people to do their stuff between meetings and keep things on track

Susie: Ask Hugh if he would consider being chair from July 13th until September
Lawrence: Make a Facebook and a Twitter call out for the forum members (chair, vice chair, treasurer, membership secretary)
Jonathan: Simplify the job descriptions
Polly: Tell Adam to change front page wording. Also tell him to put the roles onto the website when they are ready. Polly create a Doodle for the next meeting - 1st + 2nd week of July.
Dorothy: Put Lawrence in touch with Dan.

Plan for July 13th - review this meeting, elect an interim steering group chair, plan for the summer of engagement


Dorothy Newton Wed 5 Jun 2019 11:25AM

Thank you, Polly - for doing this as well as running a most helpful workshop.
I have a couple of comments which I'll add later today but meanwhile will post the links I promised:

The London Festival of architecture is on this month - lots of interesting walks and talks:
For instance, this exhibition looks like it might be relevant:
Fault Lines: 3rd – 28th June
Studio Egret West invite you to Fault Lines, an interactive installation that explores the sometimes forgotten edges of London’s local authority boundaries.
Made peripheral purely because of administrative lines, these places are rarely the focus of people’s attention or co-ordinated investment. Out of sight, out of mind, they can either be left behind or prosper in an unconventional way.
We ask: What potential lies in these surprisingly rich seams? And, what should be the shared pan-London agenda for creative partnerships between boroughs to ensure the economically, environmentally and socially sustainable growth of these ‘in between’’ places?
Fault Lines centres on a large-scale physical model that welcomes visitors to share thoughts around these peripheral environments through a collective mapping exercise. The model will mature and grow in complexity during the course of the installation, and function as a platform for cross-boundary and cross-disciplinary exchange.

Here's the agenda for yesterday's Finsbury Park Town Centre Management Group meeting - Polly and I were both there. I've also attched the notes from the previous meeting. Please ask if you'd like more info:


Dorothy Newton Wed 5 Jun 2019 1:32PM

Re Town Centre Management Group - Julie Plichon, Islington's Inclusive Design Officer introduced herself and would like to come to a forum meeting. We have an email from James Delamere, our lead contact with the three councils. He says:
I hope you are all well and finding the engagement work fulfilling.
I am emailing you to ask when your next forum meeting is scheduled for? My colleague, Julie is conducting some work regarding improvements to the accessibility and character of Stroud Green Road and we think it would be beneficial for the forum if you were involved too. There is some potential for collaboration and co-production which could support you in identifying issues in the neighbourhood area, your evidence gathering and help to focus your approach to policy creation.
If my colleague and I could attend the next forum meeting along with a Hackney and Haringey officer, if they are available , we could also answer any questions you have and you could provide us with an update of your progress.
Let me know if this is something you would be interested in.

Ideas for the response, please


Susie Barson Thu 6 Jun 2019 1:37PM

Can I just clarify: we have cancelled the meeting /event planned for 13th July?


Dorothy Newton Thu 6 Jun 2019 3:51PM

I thought we'd agreed to cancel it (on the basis of: why have a meeting on a summer Saturday afternoon if we don't need to?) and to look for dates in the first two or three weeks in July for our next working group meeting. We will have a doodle poll to check the best date - we need more of us there. We need to review progress, hopefully get a new iinterim chair of the working group - and plan for the 10th August stall in the marquee in the Park - there's work to be done to make it a sucessful publicity and recruitment exercise.


Susie Barson Thu 6 Jun 2019 4:38PM

I thought that too, Dorothy- I just didn’t see that clearly stated in the minutes but I admit I only scanned them.

Yes- all those things need to be done. Luckily Talal says there should be space for us at the Trust offices for an evening meeting in July.

Bye for now!


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Dorothy Newton Thu 6 Jun 2019 4:04PM

Dear Polly
Thank you for making notes of the meeting. I think it would help to include at the beginning a list of who was present (Lawrence, Elizabeth, Susie, Jonathan, Dorothy, Polly) and to add the apologies. I appreciate that they were given in the middle of the meeting but maybe best listed at the top. We had apologies from Adam and Hugh. Jane has asked to be taken off working group and the Loomio list as she feels she can't contribute at the moment, but will receive newsletters and help if she can. Geraldine will help and join in when she can, not as a member of the working group - but is ok being on Loomio. Dan can no longer contribute as he'd wish as he will be based in Nottingham for 3 days every week. He will come to the next meeting if he's in London and will hand over his responsibilities for membership, mailing and dropbox.