Mon 10 Aug 2015 7:29AM

Sunstone URL

AR Andrew Reitemeyer Public Seen by 192

I can reserve the following through my German ISP


I like the last one best
Any better offers?


Rasmus Larsson Mon 10 Aug 2015 1:51PM

Since we regularly do brand and identity analysis in one of my businesses I might as well get involved in the name and domain issue :)

I used https://www.domaininfo.com/ to do some preliminar research about domain names. (They have horrible prices but a very complete search function)

These are taken
http://www.sunstone.com/ CAD Software Company
http://www.sunstone.se/ Swedish IT-system builder
http://www.sunstone.eu/ Danish Venture Capital Company
http://www.sunstone.net/ Points to iteego.com
http://www.sunstone.technology/ Not in use
http://www.sunstone.ventures/ Not in use

The Danish Venture Capital company using sunstone.eu is a serious problem since they use exactly the same story about vikings as we do as a brand building story and there is a huge risk of brand confusion between them and a pirate think tank. It will for a lot of people look like they are the main founder of the think tank. Another problem is that they have the resources to challenge us in court for brand violations.

To avoid such issues we need a domain name that is free to take in all major super domains plus any other superdomains like the ones Andrew came up with. And we need to secure them all and dns them to point at the same site.

Which means .com .eu .org .net + any other we feel is important.

A quick brainstorming of ideas came up with these that might work:

However I don't think any of these are good enough so more ideas not already taken would be great.


Rasmus Larsson Mon 10 Aug 2015 7:04PM

piratethinktank is free in all super domains


Arthur Dent Mon 10 Aug 2015 11:49PM

Great, grab "piratethinktank" now!

Whatever is eventually used that will be a search term when people remember the concept rather than the name and the domains will show up when people are looking for it.

Also, let's then not spend time discussing such things but defer and delegate to get on with more important matters.


Andrew Reitemeyer Tue 11 Aug 2015 8:00PM

I have booked piratethinktank.com org and net
The sunstones that were previously available have gone :(