Tue 12 Mar 2024 3:32AM

Board meeting 2024-03-08

JB John Bryant Public Seen by 9

Hi all, I've done as much as I can in the meeting minutes. Can I get one last round of review before I ask for approval? Since I wasn't present to take in the context, I found a couple of things I can't quite glean from the notes.

If OK with you all, I'll put them up as a decision in this thread in the next ~24 hours.


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Approve meeting minutes 20240308 Closed Sat 16 Mar 2024 4:00PM

by John Bryant Sun 17 Mar 2024 5:00AM

Motion passed, minutes approved.

Please review the attached meeting minutes. Do you approve these as a record of the meeting?


Results Option % of points Voters
Yes 87.5% 7 JB JS EP EH AC R DP
Abstain 12.5% 1 AL
No 0.0% 0  
More discussion required 0.0% 0  
Undecided 0% 1 RM

8 of 9 people have participated (88%)


Alex Leith Wed 13 Mar 2024 1:47AM


I'll abstain, as I was only present for the first 30 minutes of the meeting.


Ewen Hill Wed 13 Mar 2024 1:47AM


Due to connection issues , I missed some of the meeting however I believe this is an accurate summary