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Tony Flores Wed 13 Sep 2017 3:43PM

That's exactly it, instead of a hierarchical business, this business model consists of lot's of areas of expertise. It's a regenerating cell like structure, growing, changing innovating with the help of people each experts in different areas. That's how we are going to form a new economy.


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Tony Flores Fri 8 Sep 2017 8:17PM

Hi, this is Tony Flores. I've created this Loomio group for those interested in forming a new business with society, customers and cool jobs for ourselves in mind. This is a co-op, cooperative, logistics company dealing with customs consulting, transportation and logistics in mind. Since this is a co-op there are no bosses. The structure of this company will be built based on collaboration through delegated tasks with single person or work groups with timelines and decision making based on votes. We will propose where we should start and vote on it. Then we will assign tasks and deadlines. But wait, we aren't leaving our jobs just yet. This will be based on cooperation in order to structure the business in a different way in order to disrupt the logistics industry. This means participants that may or may not know about logistics can all contribute to the company with ideas and their different areas of expertise. The goal is to re-invent the logistics company through a multi-diverse crowd of people. I know this sounds weird, but that's why it will work. The best way to describe it would be for you to watch The New Economy, documentary on Netflix. This inspired me.


Tony Flores Fri 8 Sep 2017 8:20PM

This is a comment just as an example, we need a logo. Is this important now? Yes, no, maybe. If I propose this on the right side or other ideas to start we put it to a vote, assign it and and decide on a deadline and get to work on it.


armando castelan Sun 10 Sep 2017 7:49PM

I am not at all familiar with the business of logistics but can provide feedback when ideas are presented. I can commit to the art aspect whether logo or designs..


Tony Flores Wed 13 Sep 2017 3:46PM

It's like when our ancestors brought down the woolly mammoth, we are coming at this business model from all angles with different skills to tackle and re-engineer the logistics industry.


armando castelan Mon 18 Sep 2017 2:15PM

Here's the first round of roughs. Do we like any, any elements or at least to see what we don't want.