Sun 30 Mar 2014 11:13AM

Loomio's Wikipedia? Probably needs a consensus update

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Hey everyone-

Title says it all basically. If you google Loomio it is natural to find The Free Encyclopedia near the top of the results: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loomio (not exclusive to English, but in other languages as well- disclosure: my native language is English)

Why is the wikipedia so bare?

It misses certain updates such as:
1. Collaboration with the WCC on the alcohol plan
2. Multiple strong media mentions (BoingBoing, Guardian, a few others)
3. The amount funded on the Crowdfunding/outlook plan of the organisation

E: Added more below

Kind regards,

B. Morgan Murrah


Jeremy Gilpin Sun 30 Mar 2014 2:13PM

I'm not 100% clear on what your plan of action is.

The Wikipedia entry is clearly quite bare, and there are specific points that can be addressed on the "notability guidelines for companies and organizations" page.

I guess my first question would be who should be updating the entry? I'm certainly not familiar enough with Loomio to comment but I would be happy to help with editing.

It would be interesting to see Loomio in use to reach a decision regarding this issue...



Alina Siegfried Sun 30 Mar 2014 7:37PM

@bmorganmurrah Thanks for pulling this up - I agree that Loomio's wikipedia page could contain a lot more information, and once we're finished crowdfunding I think it would be a good project to update this page. Until the end of the campaign, we're all pretty flat out with lots of competing demands on our time already :)


Richard Grevers Sun 30 Mar 2014 8:18PM

As a Wikipedian I'd point out that Wikipedia content needs to be based on reliable third-party sources - so until the media or tech media mentions feature X, the wikipedia article shouldn't be mentioning it. Anyone closely connected with Loomio should not edit the article directly, but rather use the talk page to declare their conflict of interest then suggest edits.


Simon Tegg Sun 30 Mar 2014 8:53PM

Thanks @bmorganmurrah. I originally seeded the wikipedia article on Loomio. However, I'm a Loomio cooperative member and Wikipedia has strict guidelines for people writing articles about their own organisations. As I understand it you're allowed to seed articles as long as you declare your conflict of interest openly on the talk pages.

As @richardgrevers points out it was not recommended for me to write a fuller article as I would likely be biased and contravene wikipedia's neutral point of view policy.

If other people want to update the article then feel free.


B. Morgan Murrah Sun 30 Mar 2014 9:17PM

Edited a few not so proof-read points I tapped out last night-

As a few people have responsibly pointed out- important to disclose interests/follow wikimedia's policy RE self-involved edits-

I think a few basic events/points such as milestones of number of users, new translation languages and collaborations and so on shouldn't be problematic with referencing/citations.

Ill have a look at adding some tonight :)


Chris Taklis Sun 30 Mar 2014 9:19PM

Last week i created in the greek language for loomio in Wikipedia GR (βικιπαίδεια) https://el.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loomio. I will try it in the next days to create it in English!

And @simontegg the greeks have the most stupid strict guidelines, which they delete many articles even if they are in wikipedia (in English).


mix irving Mon 31 Mar 2014 2:26AM

this is a great conversation to have.
good to know that media mentioning features is a good way to confirm things.

Is there any fair way to invite someone to contribute to this page in various language without introducing bias?


Danyl Strype Mon 31 Mar 2014 2:36AM

I think the most important thing is to show goodwill by declaring any potential conflict on interest on the talk page. If @mixirving were to invite someone, it would be appropriate to say so on the talk page, and maybe explain why you think that person is able to write about Loomio from a Neutral Point Of View.


Alanna Irving Mon 31 Mar 2014 2:50AM

We've had a lot of great media recently during the crowdfunding campaign. Can we use some of that as references for Wikipedia?

If people in the Loomio community here who are not part of the core Loomio team would like to go ahead and edit the page, please do! It's better if people without a conflict of interest do it, I think. We on the core team can support you if needed.


Chris Taklis Mon 31 Mar 2014 1:47PM

Check it out and fix it where it needs!!!



Z. Blace Sat 18 Jul 2020 5:56PM

It has been a while and Wikipage is again outdated...anyone interested to help working on this? I can help with editing, but would need some tips on what needs updates (obviously a lot)...


Gardner!! Sun 19 Jul 2020 12:53AM

Hi @Zeljko Blace thanks for offering to help. The article does have some room for improvement. Whoever undertakes this would want to schedule interviews with a few different people involved in the project and then do some research to flesh out the content with references. Some people that I know of that have worked on loomio include: Alana Irving, Hannah Salmon, Rob Guthrie, Michael Elwood-Smith.


Z. Blace Sun 19 Jul 2020 10:59AM

That sounds good but I think urgency is collectinge few links from 3rd parties where Loomio is featured, reviewed or at least mentioned as important.

Best Z


Z. Blace Fri 18 Dec 2020 7:53AM

I just uploaded to commons 2 new screenshots of UI (anonymized with blur)
and added them to the English page

Anyone from the Loomio team able to suggest a UI view screenshot to add to these?
Something that illustrates most current features?