Tue 9 May 2023 8:10AM

Suggestion to alter the constitution for Director roles

EH Ewen Hill Public Seen by 9

I am extremely reluctant to propose this change however the process to onboard overseas directors has stalled due to the Government requirements to post and wait for approval of their Australian Director ID and this can take up to 60 days ... or appears longer. Documentation must be in English and the documentation required may not allow all our members to be on the board and the task is arduous, overly complicated and communication non-existent and interferes with our Oceania remit.

I am suggesting that

  1. We move the constitution to have a minimum number of directors and roles and we encourage board members to arrange a Director ID and become a Director

  2. Anyone newly elected board members who have a director ID, are to become an OSGEO Oceania director

  3. All new Australian board members are required to arrange a Director ID within 30 days and become an OSGeo Oceania Director

  4. New board members from overseas are encouraged to arrange a Director ID but are not required

  5. Any board member who is not a Director of OSGeo Oceania with a DID has exactly the same voting rights and input at board meetings

I am seeking guidance from the board members if they feel broadly comfortable with this idea prior to looking at the mechanism to alter the constitution and legal requirements. If there is broad consensus, I will raise this at a board meeting and/or Loomio poll.



Rafael Tue 9 May 2023 9:34AM

Agree and support this Ewen


Alex Leith Tue 9 May 2023 9:54PM

Hey Ewen, I was talking to our senior accountant about this the other day and he was of the view that we probably didn't need to change the constitution. We can probably talk to the Association Specialists as well as our accountants and seek advice.

To respond to your question, yes, I think this is an important initiative and think we need to discuss it at the next Board meeting, definitely.