Wed 21 Feb 2018 3:29AM

Finding the Most Impcated

ESU Eric S. Upchurch II Public Seen by 310

Hello MCC,

Some of you may have known about the Council of Communities Pilot being hosted by MCC in an effort to hear the voice of the most impacted.

You might be asking yourself, "Who is 'the most impacted'?"

We've spent some time doing healing and honing, collaborative decision making and other sessions to bring us to the point where we collectively decide how we understand who is the most impacted.

This is a key step, since we want our solutions to be led by the most impacted.

The Purpose Of This Thread - is to discuss the criteria we've collectively come up with, agree on it, or make it better.

Please see the criteria for discovering the most impacted below. Contribute to the discussion (if you like) and when the time is right, we'll make a collective decision about the criteria.

To Find the Most Impacted, We Should Consider:
Proximity to the Issue (Mental, Emotional, Physical)
Safety (Mental, Emotional, Physical)
Degree it affects livelihood/ wellbeing
Involvement/ Participation/ Labor
Degree it affects Agency/ Autonomy

Can you think of any factors that don't fit in with the above? Is there anything that should be removed?

Our goal is to spur a healthy discussion that will inform a proposal for us all to vote on the factors used to consider who's most impacted in any given situation.

You input is critical and much appreciated.

Thank You!