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Introduce yourself

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Welcome to the Christchurch Tech Sector introductions thread.

This is a place for you to introduce yourself before the discussions kick-off and to see who is getting involved.

Please take a few minutes to give us an idea of who you are and why you’re interested in the Christchurch Tech Sector. As a starter we suggest something like:

“Hi this is Susan from [company] based in [location]. I’m interested in contributing to this conversation because [reason].”

Please also update your display name to “name, [organisation]” and add a photo on your Loomio profile

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Helen Shorthouse, CDC Sun 12 Apr 2015 8:50PM

I'll start things off - I'm Helen, the Sector Leader Technology for CDC (Canterbury Development Corporation). I'm excited about this opportunity to hear from you all - you'll bring different perspectives that will help us create this strategy and work out our priorities. I'm hoping to hear some new ideas, as well as confirm existing thinking.


I'm Liz and I work as a Client Manager at CDC, which means that I'm working with businesses in Christchurch every day. Some of them are young businesses, others have been established for decades. Some are technology businesses but I don't work exclusively with one sector. I hope that this forum will provide us with insight and ideas that we can convert into practical actions in time, to make sure Christchurch is the most desirable City in NZ in which to start a tech business (gotta aim high!)


Anna Elphick (CDC Strategist) Sun 12 Apr 2015 9:54PM

Hi. I'm Anna, the Strategist at CDC. We want to develop a strategy which is inspiring, resonates with industry and very action orientated. I am expecting that combining the perspectives of international business, local business and other stakeholders is going result in great insights and some innovative solutions.


Sheralee MacDonald (CDC) Sun 12 Apr 2015 10:17PM

I'm Sheralee, CDC Client Manager supporting around 80 awesome Christchurch technology businesses with their growth plans. I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's vision for a thriving local tech sector and thoughts on what will best help achieve this over the next 10 years or so.


Juan Tesolin (CDC Economic Analyst) Sun 12 Apr 2015 10:49PM

Hi all. I'm Juan, Economic Analyst at CDC. I'm thrilled to be part of CDC Tech Sector strategy and very looking forward to hearing your ideas and vision for the local tech sector. I will contribute actively to the group, so please get in touch and lets make Christchurch a great tech city.


Chloe Waretini (Loomio Helper) Sun 12 Apr 2015 11:35PM

I'm Chloe, a Loomio facilitator based in Christchurch. I'll be here for anyone needing support with using Loomio. If you have any questions about the tool feel free to tag me!


Simon Meehan Mon 13 Apr 2015 5:45AM

I'm Simon. I am the Software Development Manager for Sungard's Ambit Asset Finance product team at Wrights Rd in Addington. I'm interested in the Tech Sector strategy as a participant. I am also interested as a beneficiary of and contributor to its growth. Our company is a regular hirer of software graduates and I would like to believe that the graduates thrive among the more talented team members.


Scott Darrow Mon 13 Apr 2015 7:46AM

I'm Scott Darrow, Global CTO & CIO for ADEC Innovations based in Manila, Philippines. We have over 6,000 staff, 20+ companies and operate in 16 locations around globe.

I have over 30 years of international experience in planning, designing, developing and implementing innovative ICT solutions that address business opportunities and challenges.

As a Beachheads Advisor - South East Asia - New Zealand Trade and Enterprise I am able to share my experiences to help technology businesses grow internationally.


Ben Kepes Mon 13 Apr 2015 6:26PM

Ben Kepes - tech industry analyst, journalist, investor, consultant and board member.

Cover tech for Forbes and am an active angel (a dozen or so deals in NZ, Aus, UK and US).

Have some particular ideas about NZ NOT tryinig to be another silicon valley but doing things in a way that is in keeping and in context with who we are as a country.


Austen Rainer (University of Canterbury) Mon 13 Apr 2015 8:46PM

Hi, I'm Austen Rainer, Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of Canterbury. (I've recently joined UC and bring with me 20+ years of industry-academic collaborations from the UK, but I want to be open to the distinctive culture and opportunities in Chch.)

I'm interested in this group because of the futures of each of our Software Engineering graduates, and because I would like to find and grow mutually beneficial opportunities for collaboration between the work we do in the University with the work undertaken in industry.



Kylie (CDC Comms Advisor) Mon 13 Apr 2015 10:09PM

Hi I'm Kylie Yardley, Communications Advisor at CDC. I'm part of the project team developing the Tech Sector Strategy and am really looking forward to hearing the ideas from this forum and ultimately producing a strategy that is responsive to the issues facing the industry.


Sharn Nu'u (Diligent) Tue 14 Apr 2015 5:05AM

I'm Sharn Nu'u, QA Lead for the Infrastructure and Security Team at Diligent Board Member Services. The growth of the Technology Sector in Christchurch has been exciting to watch and be apart of. I am really looking forward to working with you all to make Christchurch the place to be!! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this exciting opportunity.


Paul Swettenham (Sunstone) Tue 14 Apr 2015 5:06AM

G'day I'm Paul an IT Recruitment Consultant / Organisational Psychologist and Founder of sunstonetalent.com based in Christchurch.

Having worked in Christchurch over the past 5 years (previously in the UK for 10 years OE after attending UC) I work with New Zealand's leading software houses, technology companies and corporate clients, within an IT Recruitment / HR Consulting career that has spanned over 15 years!

I enjoy finding Christchurch companies quality talent from all over the globe, am passionate about technology and have a vested interest in continuing the IT sector's growth in our great city of Christchurch!


Ben Reid Tue 14 Apr 2015 5:50AM

I'm Ben Reid, Managing Director at Memia Consulting based at EPIC and committee member at Canterbury Software Cluster and more recently Canterbury Angels. I also helped to create the Flux report on Canterbury's tech sector last year.

I want to continue to see Christchurch tech companies to innovate and grow, create long term wealth that stays in the region and attract the best talent from all over the world. Good on CDC for making this a priority.


Andrej Falout Tue 14 Apr 2015 6:58AM

Andrej Falout - technologist and strategist, with some 30 years in IT industry, in 7 countries and 3 continents. Currently in position of Architect with Canterbury District Health Board, delivering on Digital Health strategy.

My passion is translating between people and technology, and in this exciting times it is great to see CDC taking the lead. I see enthusiasm and sense of opportunity in the industry, and I'm interested in helping to turn this into something that will last.

I am in particular interested in creating career paths within organizations, building bridges between educators (in the widest possible sense of the word) and businesses - as well as building mentorship networks.

Lets talk! :)


Sam Ragnarsson Wed 15 Apr 2015 12:37AM

I'm Sam Ragnarsson, one of the EPIC Innovation Directors and consultant at Effectus. Been on the organisation committee for Startup Weekend Christchurch two years in a row, and involved in Lightning Lab.

Very enthusiastic about the future of innovation, tech and startup/early stage companies in Christchurch and NZ as whole.
If there is anything I can do to help or support get in touch.


Amar Verma Wed 15 Apr 2015 1:06AM

Hi, I'm Amar Verma. A successful ICT business owner with a few companies in NZ, Switzerland, US & India. NZ is my home for last 2 years. Having spent in US the most of my professional career (24+ years), I'm amazed by strong determination to success and values (at the same time) that NZ has. My NZ company is committed in developing and nurturing the local talent so that we can maintain the leadership in global innovation. My NZ firm is developing big data analytics workbench for the Retail, Dairy & Manufacturing industry, and I provide ICT consulting, coaching & mentoring for the benefit of NZ businesses. I'm happy to be part of this group.


Geoff Brash Wed 15 Apr 2015 1:25AM

Hi I'm Geoff Brash, Christchurch based tech startup junkie. Known as a co-founder of SLI Systems but am also working to bring Lightning Lab to Christchurch, chair of Canterbury Software, Trustee of Ministry of Awesome and lots of other tech startup related things.


Paul Wilkinson Wed 15 Apr 2015 3:19AM

Hi, I'm Paul. I work for UK Trade & Investment, helping NZ companies land in the UK. I'm currently working with a number of NZ tech firms, helping them learn more about their sector in the UK, set up operations and access local networks etc.


Hi, I'm Graeme.

I'm the research leader of the Wireless Research Centre at the University of Canterbury. We do industry-focused research on wireless communications, mostly for Canterbury-based technology companies.
We are very interested in strategies to ensure an ongoing and flourishing technology sector in the region. We hope to continue contributing to this ecosystem by providing ideas, technologies and solutions to local companies.
We are also keen to see that there are rich employment opportunities in this area for graduates from the University of Canterbury.


Robert Snoep Wed 15 Apr 2015 3:50AM

I am Robert Snoep, an engineer and self confessed gadget enthusiast turned patent attorney and founder of a rapidly growing Christchurch based IP practice. We are about commercially savvy IP strategies to grow NZ Inc value and not just filing for the sake of filing. I am personally interested in participating in this discussion as I think we can take on the world in the tech space but we need good IP processes as one part of the puzzle.


Terry Paddy Wed 15 Apr 2015 8:10AM

I'm Terry from Cortexo, I've been involved in the Christchurch tech sector for the last 15 yrs and I'm very keen on the concept of cooperation between tech companies to make complete end-to-end solutions that can be marketed internationally. That will get us on the map!


Neil Hamilton Wed 15 Apr 2015 7:24PM

Hi, I'm GM for Trineo. We are developers of cloud software based in Christchurch, but also with offices in Auckland, Sydney and Boulder, CO.

Once upon a time I was a software developer myself and lived/worked in the UK, US, Australia & Singapore. It's a while since I've cut any code, but these days I'm lucky enough to be more of a leader/manager/strategy-guy for a software exporter brimming with tech talent.

My interest is in helping to develop a more cohesive, collaborative strategy for the tech industry in Canterbury, improving the eco-system supporting export growth/development and harnessing the wealth of knowledge and experience that we all bring to this 'party'.


Ed Wegner (Tait Communications) Wed 15 Apr 2015 10:35PM

Hi, I'm Ed from Tait Communications. I've been involved in recruitment and staff development at Tait for over 20 years - from finding and developing NZ Uni grads to travelling overseas to find people with the right skills. I've provided input for Computer Engineering and Software Engineering qualifications and more recently for the proposed Chch ICT Grad School.
For me, it all starts with finding people with the right skills and aptitudes, and then supporting them with tools and opportunities to succeed. I'm interested in exploring new ways to attract these people to Christchurch.


Nigel Sharplin Wed 15 Apr 2015 10:51PM

As the founder of InFact, a technology innovation and product design company and as a BetterByDesign Coach, I am committed to defining a strategy that is informed by the deeper latent needs of the companies within our Canterbury Tech Sector. Using a Design Thinking approach - Empathy Interviews and Customer Insights - we could design a new growth agenda that is strongly aligned with the real and urgent needs of these sector companies - make it relevant to have impact.


Peter Montgomery Wed 15 Apr 2015 11:33PM

Hi I’m Peter Montgomery from InventoryTech. Have founded numerous start-ups in tech and other services over the past 25 years. Enjoy helping other entrepreneurs with design thinking, innovation, business modelling and value propositions. More of a passion for physical hardware/products over pure software plays yet love combining both disciplines. Local Mentor with BMNZ for 20 years and also a NZTE Beachhead Advisor. Keen to see where the conversation leads and hope to add value where I can.


Rob Lawrence Thu 16 Apr 2015 3:55AM

Howdy All ....Rob here. I am the Callaghan innovation Regional Business Partner for Canterbury. Working from the Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce (CECC) and collaboration with CDC we serve the Canterbury Region businesses with the range of Business R & D Funding programs. I work with Carly Wheeler, my very capable assistant to seek out new business engage the funding tools and help them boldly grow to where they have not been before. We work on the premise it is a yes until proven to be a no...but even if funding does not fit at this time the business can link with other resources to assist them on their journey.


I've been an academic staff member in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering since 1987. As an educator of software engineering students, it's important to align the experiences we offer our students with the goals of current and future sector strategies. As a researcher, I am keen to engage with sector groups wherever possible to explore ways to measure, visualise and promote quality and efficiency across our software development community. Agile processes, such as Scrum and Kanban, are strengths of our local industry and I am particularly interested in collaborations involving those.


Stuart Charters (Lincoln University) Thu 16 Apr 2015 9:25PM

Hi, I'm Stuart Charters, Head of the Department of Informatics and Enabling Technologies at Lincoln University.
I'm also involved with the development of the South Island ICT Graduate School (SIGNAL).
I'm interested in the alignment of the experiences we offer at University with the needs of the sector and ensuring that we are meeting future needs as well as current need. Research is an important component of the work we do and I would like to see greater academia-industry links built around research collaborations.


Sam TIM Thu 16 Apr 2015 9:36PM

Hi, I'm in the economic development space working from Timaru, NZ. My role is broad and includes both one-on-one business support and macro development projects. A particular passion is the application of digital technology to improve our natural environment and business's effectiveness.
I work for Aoraki Development, who have a collaborative relationship with CDC on various aspects of strategy and business support for Canterbury. Recently I worked with Helen Shorthouse and others on the establishment of the draft Canterbury Digital Strategy. Following this work I have also prepared the as South Canterbury specific digital strategy to which is not so much about technology, but about the people of South Canterbury benefiting from what technology enables us to do. Many initiatives within have come to light thanks to a joint community effort during the Gigatown Timaru campaign. www.southcanterbury.org.nz/digitalstrategy-dft

Looking forward to learning from, and hopefully contributing to, this impressive group.


Steve Davis Thu 16 Apr 2015 10:50PM

Hi, Steve here from the Institute of IT Professionals (IITP) Canterbury Branch and national council/board.

We are a professional membership organisation for ICT practitioners and those coming into the sector and have a range of programs from ICT Career introduction at schools, tertiary student bodies and events, mentoring, and continuing professional development and education activities.


Jen Rutherford Fri 17 Apr 2015 1:29AM

Hi this is Jen Rutherford from NZTech, the Technology Industry Association. Our vision is a Prosperous New Zealand led by a vibrant tech sector. Look forward to the discussion


Shirley van Waveren Fri 17 Apr 2015 3:15AM

Hi Shirley here, I am technically challenged so this will be a great learning curve! being on this group. I work for the Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce (CECC) in business and international trade advice, so I get involved all things exporting, events, technology and business capability. Looking forward to contributing!


Piet Beukman Fri 17 Apr 2015 3:41AM

Piet Beukman, Director of the Engineering Management Programme at Uni of Canterbury. Our graduates are the hope for NZ's future innovation & technology future.


Jason Bishop Fri 17 Apr 2015 3:55AM

Hi, I'm the Director and Business Manager at Sourced, which is a specialist IT recruitment agency focussed specifically on the Canterbury IT and Tech sector. I am also the other creator of the FLUX report and poster that was released early 2014 (fluxnz.com).

With some real clarity around the local goings-on, I'm keen to leverage my passion(s) and experience to assist in this strategy development, for the long term (growing) success of a Canterbury lead by tech.


Sian Simpson Fri 17 Apr 2015 6:45AM

Hey I'm Sian, run the Kiwi Landing Pad in San Francisco & NZ, work with a few starts ups in the US & Canada.. also have worked in NZ tech for a little while now...

My experience is in growing/building communities on and offline, interested in helping shape NZ to become a world class place to start a business and just here to help NZ businesses succeed on the global stage. Love helping entrepreneurs succeed. Interested in solving the pipeline issue coming out of NZ and fostering a deep collaboration community in NZ's main hubs. Good at connecting people and facilitating this.

Look forward to helping any way I can.


Graham Pearce Fri 17 Apr 2015 8:04AM

Hi I'm Graham, I work for KPMG Corporate Finance and spent 2 years in New Zealand on secondment 2012-2014. I spend most of my time advising growth tech companies on fundraisings, M&A etc. I am now Head of Technology, Media and Telecommunications for KPMG Enterprise in the UK


Peter Wren-Hilton Sat 18 Apr 2015 2:34AM

Hi I'm Peter. I am the founder of Wharf42 and the Meteoroid Program. Also a co-founder of WNT Ventures. I am working with a number of partners in NZ and Silicon Valley and am keen to leverage some of those networks to assist the Canterbury tech ecosystem grow. I look forward to working with this community.


Craig Richardson Sat 18 Apr 2015 6:33PM

Hi I'm Craig, CEO of Wynyard Group, a market leader in serious crime fighting software. We specialise in software for preventing and solving organised crime, new generation extremism and high consequence cyber crime. Currently we have around 120 staff (of our 260) based in Chc developing our big data platform and advanced crime analytics platform and this team should continue to grow. My interest in Chc is probably a selfish one - we are focused on building a world class business and I want the best people we can find, living in the best city we can build, fuelled by the best tech sector we can create.


Frank Owen Sat 18 Apr 2015 10:01PM

Hi, I'm Frank, former CEO of Tait Communications. Currently living in Vienna, Austria and working with a number of Christchurch companies on their international market entry/growth strategy. I'm here because the more intimately we understand our global customers, partners and competition the higher the returns and the lower the risk. Look forward to contributing to the result.


Toby Burrows Sun 19 Apr 2015 9:04PM

Toby Burrows - Director of Matterhorn Digital (Sydney). Recently moved home to Christchurch.
Once in a lifetime opportunity we have to shape our city's future.
Interested in developing a city known worldwide as a technology hotspot.


Owen Scott Sun 19 Apr 2015 9:38PM

Hi, I'm Owen Scott, Managing Director of Concentrate, a marketing consultancy specifically focused on the tech sector. We have helped over 100 local tech companies accelerate their sales growth. I am also on the board of Enable Services, the company responsible for building an ultra-fast broadband (UFB) network for Christchurch.


Grant Sun 19 Apr 2015 10:34PM

Hi I'm Grant Ryan - addicted inventor from HunchCruncher. I've been involved in founding YikeBike, SLI-Systems, PurePods, RealContacts, Eurekster, GlobalBrain.
I'm very optimistic about our ability to do world class innovation from the edge of the world but not by just copying what everyone else does. Look forward to the discussion


Michael Gauland Sun 19 Apr 2015 10:51PM

Michael Gauland
I've been a software engineer (primarily embedded) since the latter part of the last millenium; I've been a kiwi and Cantabrian for the last dozen years. I have an admittedly selfish interested in seeing the local tech sector thrive.


Phil Driver Sun 19 Apr 2015 11:05PM

Background in commercialising science and technology. Now primarily facilitating and Validating large-scale multi-stakeholder strategies in complex environments (see my book Validating Strategies). I also lecture in strategy (MBA level) at Canterbury Uni at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences who certify my 3 day Validating Strategies Practitioner courses. Keen to help Canterbury create, and critically importantly, to Validate its strategies.


Rachel Triplow Sun 19 Apr 2015 11:08PM

Hi, I'm Rachel Triplow - General Counsel at Powerhouse, trustee of Ministry of Awesome, and founder of aRc intellectual property. My main driver in life is working with innovative people and helping them get the most out of their great ideas so I'm looking forward to being a part of this group.


Marja Blom Sun 19 Apr 2015 11:16PM

Hi I am Marja Blom. I am the manager of a community computing centre. We provide access to computers and training and education in Information Technology. We run computer clubs for children were they learn the basics of coding, robotics, graphic design, 3D design and printing and we also support other charities. We would like to setup more support for charities and would like the input of the Tech sector in the future.


Angela Searle Mon 20 Apr 2015 12:43AM

Hi. I am Angela Searle, registered patent attorney, lawyer and partner at Baldwins Intellectual Property. I have been providing intellectual property advice for over 20 years and am passionate at helping businesses grow by protecting and exploiting their intellectual property - often their most valuable asset. I look forward to being part of this group.


Simon Small Mon 20 Apr 2015 12:50AM

I am Simon Small.

I'm a serial technology entrepreneur. My background and interest is in growing early stage technology companies through to an IPO. Established the Diligent Board Member Services business in UK/Europe/Middle East and Africa in 2007 prior to its listing on the NZX. Most recently co-founded an Artificial Intelligence software company, Arria NLG plc which listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE: AIM) in 2013.

I'm from Christchurch. Returned from an "extended OE" in London for 15 years to live in Queenstown.

Interested to be part of this conversation for the growth of the technology sector in my home town. Happy to help in any way I can.


Tim Bell Mon 20 Apr 2015 1:41AM

I'm Tim Bell, from Computer Science and Software Engineering at UC. My particular focus has been on filling the talent pipeline by getting more school students engaged in computing. We've succeeded in getting a fairly solid set of standards for NCEA, which has seen thousands of NZ students now accessing programming and computer science before they leave school. This is starting to filter down into junior levels. The long-term goal is to have something at primary schools, as this turns out to be the point at which we can have the most influence on what students perceive as possible careers. Some good progress is happening there thanks to a review triggered by the recent "Curious Minds" report, and my research is now largely focussed on what should happen at primary schools.


Jonathan Miller Mon 20 Apr 2015 3:20AM

Kia ora, I'm Jonathan Miller, I'm with Callaghan Innovation. Our mission is to accelerate the commercialisation of innovation by firms in New Zealand, by helping businesses realise value from ideas, faster. I focus on the ICT sector, Christchurch is crucial in that, which is why I'm interested in this discussion.


Michelle Polglase Mon 20 Apr 2015 5:13AM

Hi all, I'm GM for Practice Plus and we deliver websites for Xero advisors globally. I've been based in the EPIC innovation hub for a while now and it's exciting to be a part of a vibrant tech industry community. Keen to hear more!


Josh Daniell Mon 20 Apr 2015 7:03AM

Hi all, I'm Josh from Snowball Effect. We're an equity crowdfunding platform focussed on helping quality Kiwi companies fund their growth. Our first discussion with a company is usually around the most appropriate capital raising option for that company. That may be angels / debt / FFF / equity crowdfunding depending on what the company needs alongside the cash. Many of our investor pool are interested in technology-based businesses, so we're keen to get closer to exciting businesses coming out of Christchurch.


Andy Hamilton Mon 20 Apr 2015 6:24PM

Hi People - Andy from the Icehouse here. We help startups and established owner managers grow their businesses. Operate nationally, and with offices in Auckland, Hawkes Bay and more recently a very small and naiscent office in Christchurch. Looking forward to contributing and learning - New Zealand has only 2000 odd firms with more than 100 FTEs - we need to find a path to convert the energy, creativity and brilliance into something that is more significant globally.


A T Bennett Mon 20 Apr 2015 8:05PM

Hi, I am Adam Bennett, Trade Commissioner for NZ in the US. Interested in what you come up with as i did a bit of this in the early years of my career back in the UK.


Hamish Laird Mon 20 Apr 2015 9:19PM

Hi, I am Hamish Laird. I am a founder and the CTO at ELMG Digital Power. We provide digital power control solutions. I am interested in contributing to this conversation to make sure that the expertise and capability in Christchurch is maintained, sustained and grows.


Dave Lane Mon 20 Apr 2015 10:42PM

I'm Dave Lane. I'm an ex-CRI research scientist who started a pure-play open source company, Egressive, in Christchurch in the late 1990s building and supporting Linux-based infrastructure for businesses and doing bespoke web application development. We sold Egressive to Catalyst IT (http://catalyst.net.nz) in 2012, and I have been working for Catalyst since that time, helping to build its presence in Christchurch. I advocate for open standards, and promote the commons for the advantage of our entire community as a better alternative to exploiting government granted monopolies like patents for individual gain. I love Christchurch and am eager to help us make the best of our almost unique opportunity to reinvent our physically broken city. We need to acknowledge what was broken before and be careful to avoid reverting to old, broken patterns.


Anna Lee Anda Tue 21 Apr 2015 8:07AM

Hi, I'm Anna Lee Anda I work for myself in Singapore doing user experience and service design. I’m interested in the discussions on here because Christchurch is where I'm from and ultimately I'd like to help where I can and this is a really opportune time.


Therese Banks Tue 21 Apr 2015 11:00PM

Hi I’m Therese Banks and very interested to be part of this discussion, having spent time in the East of England, working with small businesses and observing the Cambridge phenomenon. The community there has a reputation as a high tech hub as well as a centre for first class research. It is possible that some of the trends evolving there could be further developed in Christchurch to build on our own international profile.


Julian Carver Wed 22 Apr 2015 4:51AM

I'm Julian Carver. Professional background is here https://nz.linkedin.com/in/juliancarver. I've lived in Chch all my life.

Focused on matching resources (funding, in market networks, governance) with talented kiwis and technologies that have a global focus.

Also excited about disaster recovery, Chch rebuild, open government, open data, commercialisation of publicly funded research, NZ film industry, quantified self, and preparing for the upcoming zombie apocalypse.


Trevor Laughton [Tait] Wed 22 Apr 2015 5:20AM

Hi, I'm Trevor and I'm the CTO and a Trustee Shareholder of Tait, a Director of MiMOMax Wireless, and have been involved in one way or another in the Christchurch tech sector for over 30 years. I'm contributing to this initiative because I believe that New Zealand's destiny needs to be based on more than grass and scenery, and that Christchurch has the potential to make a major contribution to growing the tech sector contribution of NZ GDP. Let's understand what we have, and what we need to unlock this potential.


Gabe Rijpma Wed 22 Apr 2015 7:17AM

Hi, I am Gabe Rijpma, a Christchurch native who has been overseas for 17 years now and currently residing in Singapore. I get back almost every 3 months and still have Christchurch near and dear to my heart.

I run Microsoft's Health & Social Services Business for the Asia Pacific region, this covers India to Japan as well as ANZ. I have a technical background however the past 10 years I have been mainly focused on leading teams that engage our customers and extensive partner community from around Asia.
I am looking forward to participating in the discussion and community here. I see many great companies from New Zealand regularly in Asia and there are some inspirational things happening. I hope I in some way can support you all in this journey of making Christchurch/Canterbury an amazing exporter of tech to the rest of the world.


James Harbidge Wed 22 Apr 2015 2:15PM

Hi everyone. I'm James Harbidge, Business Development Manager for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise in London leading on the ICT sector.

I am responsible for supporting NZ ICT companies to grow in the UK form the High Commission in London, working with approx. 100 companies across the ICT industry.


Bruce Keightley Wed 22 Apr 2015 10:40PM

Hi everyone, I'm Bruce Keightley, Agile Practice Lead for Assurity in the South Island. I've been involved with over 40 companies/organisations in Canterbury over the last 4½ years, helping them implement Agile frameworks both inside and outside of software.


Ian Douthwaite Wed 22 Apr 2015 11:08PM

Hi. Ian Douthwaite here. I worked in the IT sector in Christchurch when a pointing device was the thing you used to make holes in punch cards.

I want Christchurch to be a thriving city. Successful enterprises are those which reward owners and benefit their communities. Because I'm interested in seeing companies start and then grow to the level where they do that, I'm naturally interested in early-stage enterprises and that more often than not means tech.

Over time I've tried to get better at not saying what I think, but it hasn't worked.


Nigel Johnson Wed 22 Apr 2015 11:45PM

Hi, I'm Nigel Johnson, with a background in research and development (of processes and products) in the textile industry, and now in management of research and commercialization - currently Director Research & Innovation at Uni of Canterbury. I have a particular interest in connecting students, researchers and businesses to create and exploit innovations that build the economy.


Pleayo Tovaranonte (MedITAid Ltd) Thu 23 Apr 2015 3:10AM

Hi I'm Pleayo Tovaranonte. I am a managing director of MedITAid Ltd which provides an independent consultancy service to IT companies aiming to incorporate technology into mainstream healthcare.

My background is in Clinical Medicine, Business, and Management. I teach medical students at the University of Otago, Christchurch School of Medicine and publish many research papers for both Otago and Canterbury Universities in the fields of Internal Medicine and Human Interface Technology. I was a clinical board member for Canterbury District Health Board.

I am a start-up enthusiast and have been actively involved in the Start-up community in Christchurch. As a doctor-preneur, I have co-owned a genetic personalised medicine brand, XY-Leap which distributes genetic testing kits and mobile reporting platforms to NZ/Asia/ and North America. As a social entrepreneur I've co-founded 2 not-for-profit organisations, "BTS (Beyond the Stethoscope)" and "YKIP (Young Kiwis in Property)". I'm interested in providing strategies/ directions for the tech sector in NZ.


Graeme Muller, NZTech Fri 24 Apr 2015 4:56AM

As you can tell from my late arrival I like to soak up the vibe before jumping on in.

I am the CEO of the New Zealand Technology Industry Association (NZTech). We are the national not-for-profit organisation that aims to represent all tech companies and together help make New Zealand more prosperous through better use of technology. Most of our members are local NZ tech firms from startups to large ICT & hi-tech firms. 10% are major corporates like Spark, IBM & Microsoft. Plus we have affiliates like the universities, law firms and some government departments.

We are focused on helping improve the sectors skills & talent, helping firms grow & export, and on guiding the government. We are also currently working on answering the question - "How important is technology for the New Zealand economy?" and will produce an economic impact study on the sector this year. So this is a great discussion to share.


Chris Twiss Mon 27 Apr 2015 11:35PM

Hi everyone. Chris Twiss from the New Zealand Venture Investment Fund (NZVIF). Just back from the US and so a little late in joining, apologies. Over the past 13 years NZVIF has been active in providing capital in partnership with hundreds of angel and venture fund investors. NZVIF has invested over $140 million into over 180 companies who have collectively raised over $1.3 billion of investment. I run the $40m Seed Co-investment Fund here, currently investing alongside 12 angel networks and funds throughout NZ. Before that I ran the NZ Venture Capital Association for several years. Great to be involved in the discussion. Hugely exciting times for NZ's early-stage capital market!


Jeremy Wyn-Harris Tue 28 Apr 2015 4:20AM

Hello, I'm Jeremy, and have been involved in startups for a few years now. I'm a founder and the managing director of https://builderscrack.co.nz, but have also started hardware (IoT, before it was called that) and IP startups before. Interested in getting involved.


Mark Cathro Tue 28 Apr 2015 4:46AM

Hi, I'm Mark Cathro and I'm a Partner at Duncan Cotterill lawyers based in Christchurch. I've spent over 20 years advising tech companies and VC/PE investment funds in NZ, the UK and the USA (via my time in the Cayman Islands). I head up the technology team here in Christchurch and along with our national team we advise on all aspects of technology, intelectual property and corporate finance matters for a wide range of technology clients.


John Creighton Mon 4 May 2015 7:29AM


John Creighton from Burnside High School. I am the Head of Faculty Technology. I have the overview for Digital Technologies, Electronics, Building, Engineering, Textiles, Food and Nutrition, Food Technology, Hospitality, and Early Childhood Studies!


Angela Searle Mon 11 Jul 2016 3:59AM

Hi Graeme

I suspect that I received this email in error.

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