Fri 4 May 2018 3:23PM


E Elkie Public Seen by 305

Dear all,

For those of you who don't me, my name is Elkie and I am a member of the Implementation Council. Until three weeks ago I was working with Therese Bentley who had the role of a ' Co-creator' and who worked closely with me for 6 months. Therese has now stopped in this role to be able to concentrate on building the NVC-O Community in the UK and to attend to her paid work as an exam assessor in the UK.
I am really missing the support. Together we were able to shift so many tasks playfully and effectively. I am reaching out to you all now to see if anyone is interested in working closely with me on ImpC work for the coming period. How, what and when I imagine us defining together. :-) What does being a co-creator involve: attending some ImpC meetings, especially if I am unable to be present (rare and does happen when I am training) ; helping me track and do tasks; looking critically at the creative ideas I come up with; coming up with your own ideas :-) ; some digital savvy support would be lovely for me too :-)
Would you be willing to contact me if you might be willing to step into this role ? It would be an ENORMOUS support to me and to the process of implementation. elkienvsee@gmail.com
with hope and very warmest wishes :- ) :-)



Julie Fri 4 May 2018 10:48PM

I don't know if i have the skill set you would be looking for, AND I'd be utterly delighted to put my hand up for that role, unless it clashes with the role we discussed the other day? There's also the issue of timing of ImpC meetings (my 1am). If we can work out those factors somehow, I'd love to be involved. And if i can't take on the "whole role", my hand is still up for being of support in any other way i can.

Much love,