Fri 24 Apr 2015 2:06AM

Study participation

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Study participation measures those aged 15 years and over attending, studying, or enrolled at school or anywhere else. The categories used currently for those who are studying are: full-time study (20 hours or more a week), and part-time study (less than 20 hours a week).

Study participation can be cross-tabulated with a wide variety of other census variables, eg income, age, and ethnic group to understand the education participation rates of different groups.
Our current recommendations relating to study participation

  • We recommend that information on study participation be collected in the 2018 Census.

  • We welcome feedback from our users on the current and anticipated uses of this data, including anticipated uses if information on travel to education is collected.

  • We also welcome comment on which types of information would best meet users’ needs (eg full-time versus part- time study, or formal versus informal study, or whether industry training should be included).

See our preliminary view of 2018 Census content (page 33) for a more detailed discussion on study participation information.

See 2013 Census information by variable for information on the study participation variable.