Mon 30 Jul 2018 7:54PM

Timing for making Milestones

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Tension: now people (including myself) sometimes don't make Milestones for a very long time which give a skewed view of available budgets.

Proposal: Make your Milestones within 31 days of the last day of the week during which the effort or expenses occurred. Beyond this date Milestones will no longer be accepted except for serious and well-reasoned exceptions and it is upon the Campaign Manager to evaluate this.
So: example: Work or expenses from the week of July 30 - August 5 need to be claimed before September 5.
I propose a month as this is also the European standard for paying salaries and still makes it possible for contributors to group their administration and do it all at once. All feedback welcome!

Edit: this is not a proposal for future DACs, just for the Giveth DAC


Satya Mon 30 Jul 2018 9:06PM

I disagree with this proposal. Imagine building a school. You raise X ETH, but only 6 months later you get the invoice from the constructor. So that means that only 6 months later can you file proof for your milestone and claim your ETH. This proposal wouldn't allow that, and this is often how the world works.

Imo, how to handle late milestones should be up to the campaign manager and in Giveth's case the individual circles. A campaign has a certain budget, so I'd personally would pay out 'fresh' milestone first, and reserve an x % - for example 30% - for late milestones.
That means that every week that 30% gets less and less - unless new donations come in. So if you're too late, you might not get your milestone funded anymore because the campaign went bankrupt.

But I don't see the point in making the 31 days a Giveth policy (also because it can't be enforced).


RJ Tue 31 Jul 2018 8:21AM

this is the whole reason to have circles. Run it how you please


Pol Lanski Wed 1 Aug 2018 3:44AM

Not making milestones myself, but wanted to add that expenses in traditional companies have payment cycles. If you claim them later than the next payment cycle (15 or 30 days for expenses in the companies I have worked for) it just means that you are going to get paid later, not that you cannot claim them anymore.


[deactivated account] Wed 1 Aug 2018 8:00AM

Agree with RJ here, it is not necessary to create a Giveth wide policy for something that needs to be handed on a campaign manager level. If you want to get paid, file your Milestones. No need to create a negative economic incentive for something that can be handled with a simple reminder.


Kris is Wed 8 Aug 2018 1:44PM

Cool, this was in reaction to you & others mentioning already more than once that people don't make Milestones in time, apparently not a real need. thanks for the feedback. Proposal withdrawn.