Mon 12 Jun 2017 8:37AM

Hui - Sunday June 25th 11am with shared lunch afterwards

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The purpose of this hui is to take the following to the community:
- update on work so far @markamery
- update on purchasing model @markgalbraith
- formation of the Trust formally - ask for a response to our kaupapa @tinapope
- call for expressions of interest in becoming trustees @tinapope

Missing from this, is anything to do with politics/advocacy. Those of us at the last meeting felt strongly that given our time constraints, that the nuts and bolts of getting the Trust set up and getting a financial model secured so we can get investors on board are the most important elements of our cause at the moment. We could share some more polticially minded info on a noticeboard, though.

On that note - ahead of the hui, could all leaders of workstreams get in contact with at least some of the people who expressed interest in getting involved with their area, and give them a specific job to do. I've detailed in the link below who was interested in what area. If you need contacts, let me know and I'll pass them on. The idea is that this will get people more directly involved, give more life to the hui. We won't go into depth about this work, but if there is anything more to report back from these streams that can't be summarised in a couple of sentences, again the noticeboard would be a good place to put info.

Here is a link to a spreadsheet we can all edit for the organisation of the hui - please check it out and add your name against things, and add anything else you think of.


Comms will go out across social media in the next couple of days, hopefully!

Also attached are the minutes from the last hui, in case anyone wants them.


Mark Amery Mon 12 Jun 2017 9:18AM

Thanks @lindamclaughlan for your work in bringing everything together, looking forward to it and working towards hui


Linda McLaughlan Sat 24 Jun 2017 12:12AM

Hi all,

Hoping for a good turnout tomorrow. I can be at the hall at 10am to set up, can some others get there then too? Please reply here. There are some things we need to still organise, see below. Let me know what I've forgotten.

This is my spreadsheet for organising things - but I've also laid out necessary stuff here in the post.


Here's the basics:


NEED Noiceboard (could be anything! A door with some white tack??) to pin info up - could include:

Mark's report

Tina's report on forming trust work

Minutes from our meetings

Any other research that workstream leaders have asked for from the community? (refer to spreadsheet for these suggestions I made a couple of weeks ago.

NEED someone to print this stuff as my printer is awful!

NEED Whiteboards?

NEED Clipboard and paper to record participants?

NEED chalk for board outside


Selina Toumey & Anne Woodside are corralling food

tea/coffee/milk/teatowells - Linda bringing

herbal tea - Hannah brining some from home - NEED one other person bringing some too

coffee plunger - Linda bringing one - NEED another one or 2? Are there any at the hall?


update on work so far @markamery

update on purchasing model @markgalbraith

formation of the Trust formally - ask for a response to our kaupapa @tinapope

call for expressions of interest in becoming trustees @tinapope

Minutes will be taken by Linda

@tinapope @hollyjaneewens @andreabuckland @angiecairncross @rachelbenefield @rachelbenefield @justincorbett @danielmcclellan @flomcneill @grahamcoe @glendarichardson1 @grantnicholls @hannahzwartz @lizkennedy @megdriver @megansalole @mikestringfellow @peterhandford @paulhughes2 @lianastupples @tanyabarrington


Mike Stringfellow Sat 24 Jun 2017 12:25AM

Either Tina or I will be there at 10. Maybe both.


Mark Galbraith Sat 24 Jun 2017 3:06AM

I'll be there at ten with coffee plunger and have small whitebosrd. Have copies printed of my report for handing out.


Mark Amery Sat 24 Jun 2017 4:33AM

Thanks @lindamclaughlan I can be there from 10.30. I am all set to facilitate - in terms of a report this will be a recap of our journey thus far and original kaupapa - stuff you all know but I think its important to acknowledge. I will introduce the workstreams. Then I will introduce as above


And regards the politics/advocacy/research area - like a nopticeboard area - somewhere for people to write down things they want to offer - I will note this at the beginning.

That's a solid hour!


Tina Pope Sat 24 Jun 2017 6:31AM

I can bring 2 plungers from school amd coffee. Big paper and pens. Blue tack.

I suggest stream leaders take responsibility for their paperwork.

Will be there at 10


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holly jane ewens Sat 24 Jun 2017 6:42AM

Hoping to make it tomorrow if only until 12pm as I have a gig in the afternoon. I can print stuff off here, please email me directly [email protected] with the appropriate files if needed.


Linda McLaughlan Sat 24 Jun 2017 8:32PM

I'll send you the minutes x


Mark Amery Sat 24 Jun 2017 9:27PM

Can bring whiteboard


Daniel McClellan Sun 25 Jun 2017 8:12AM

greetings allI @danielmcclellan have attempted to be an active member of this group but i am far from achieving, my lack of work is holding this project below where it could be. I am unable to fulfil my obligations as the building maintenance leader. This is clear as i have uncompleted my required work stream and have missed yet another public meeting.
@tinapope @hollyjaneewens @mikestringfellow @justincorbett @markgalbraith @markamery

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