Blackley and Broughton for Jeremy Corbyn Rules

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1) Meeting date time and venue must be published on the B&B4JC start page no less than 7 days in advance at communication method A): a "start page" for shortened URL resources. The chair and membership secretary must also make reasonable efforts to notify every member who has provided an email address by communication method B): email. communication method C): A telephone list will also be used where possible. Meetings are to be approximately every 5 to 7 weeks and be announced by the secretary, or in the absence of a secretary, the chair. Meetings shall be as close to the centre of the constituency -crumpsall - as possible, with disabled access.
2) The start page for online resources must be announced by the chair at the beginning of each meeting. Communication method D): The public forum and Communication method E): the private loomio group are the primary electronic modes of communication for the group because unlike social media, these websites permit documents to i) be edited by all or ii) classified into threads and subfora to improve searchability for newcomers. All agreed information to go out through all communications channels with staggered delivery where not urgent. Watsapp will be used to initially inform group officers so that they can post where they need to.
3) B&B4JC includes sixth, casual, communications method F): a watsapp group. Elected officers of B&B4JC have admin rights on the watsapp group. Upon the addition of members to the watsapp group, the new member must be asked to follow the start page URL at the top of the page by the administrator adding them. This gives them access to several sources of information inlcuding the rules, minutes and agenda.
4) Social media officers, if elected will maintain and occasionally promote social media groups for B&B4JC on Twitter and Facebook, the fourth and final form of online communications.
5) Motions submitted to the secretary or in the absence of a secretary, the chair, later than 7 days before a meeting must pass a vote of emergency status before being moved at that meeting.
6) Motions must be submitting in writing either by email to the elected chair or any elected secretary or on the loomio group or public forum, be listed on the public online resource page
7) Meetings are public but people may be silenced or removed from the meeting by the chair and excluded if he in his sole discretion deems it that they are disruptive to the aims of the group. On any such exclusion, a vote of members in attendance at the end of the meeting from which a person was removed will occur. An 80% majority can ratify resolutions that the person will be excluded for 12 or 3 months or, if neither of those motions is carried, the person will otherwise be permitted to attend future meetings. Where a person has provided an email address to reach them, they will be provided within 7 days with a written notice identifying the behaviour for which they were excluded by the chair. Where a person is physically violent, they shall be permanently excluded in all cases from the group.
8 ) Excluded individuals except those who are physically violent may submit a written appeal statement to the chair or secretary no longer than 500 words long and this will be read out aloud at the beginning of a motion to terminate their exclusion. Any such motion requires only 50% to vote in support of it.
9) Members of the group are able to vote and speak in turn at meetings and submit motions.
10) Membership is open to anyone who is supportive of Jeremy Corbyn who also lives in Blackley and Broughton. Membership is free until a the group resolves otherwise. The group has voted to make the following people honorary members:-

Mara Rotundu of post code M3 6JG

11) People supportive of the aims of the group and helpful to it can be granted honorary membership by a vote of 70% of a meeting. Non members are able to speak at public meetings at the sole discretion of the chair.
12) Meetings shall routinely be seperated into sections:-
i) Welcomes and Introductions
ii) Apologies
iii) Speakers
iv) Collection for contributions to room publicity and data costs.
v) Progress reports
vi) Resolution motions beginning with any temporary chair motions.
vii) Motions for rule changes
viii) Motions for internal communications alterations.
ix) Motions for near term local campaigning
x) Motions for long term local campaigning
xi) Motions for near term support for campaigns beyond B&B
xii) Motions for long term support for campaigns beyond B&B
13) Speaking is always in turn of raised hands. The chair determines who speaks and for how long.
14) pre announced speakers require a motion to be passed in advance to speak any longer than 20 minutes to the meeting.
15) Any elected officer can be replaced by resolution motion by a majority of 60% of a meeting. Nominations will be invited by the chair for a replacement chair every 6 months even if no motion to replace the chair is received in this time. A temporary chair can also be appointed for a single meeting by 50% of the meeting without an advance motion being submitted. Any person standing as chair, temporarily or permanently, must commit to
i) maximise the support we provide to jeremy corbyn
ii) Aggressively minimise the use of their own powers to censor or exclude people.
iii) Resolve disputes where possible
iv) improve cooperation between members
v) enhance the communicative depth of the conversation and
vi) maximimise inclusion in the group.
16) Rule changes require at least 1 months notice and may not be passed by a motion at the first meeting after they are proposed in writing, but must instead be notified to the meeting as an upcoming rule change motion for the subsequent second meeting after hey were proposed in writing.
17) Rule changes require a 70% majority at any meeting to pass.
18) Meeting agendas will be finalised no later than 6 days in advance of the meeting. A provisional final agenda will generated be no later than 7 days in advance and presented as a link on the watsapp group and a thread in the loomio group.
19) B&B4JC shall invite a membership secretary to participate in the functioning in the group. Where no membership secretary volunteers, meeting notifications will be exclusively online or by phone calls or messages. Where a membership secretary volunteers and elected, they will be responsible for notifying members of the meeting and the agenda by sending a notice to their submitted address 5 days in advance of the meeting.
20) The chair and secretary shall instruct party officers to phone each B&B4JC B&B Corbynite who has submitted a phone number and email those who have submitted an email address in the event of an upcoming conference delegate selection, CLP secretary selection, CLP chair selection, rule change proposal or parliamentary candidate selection.
21) The primary purpose of B&B4JC is to ensure that JC supporters are actively supporting JC in the local CLP elections, motions and nominations. Therefore the chair and secretary shall instruct party officers to do the same for a given Branch in the event of a delegate to CLP selection, Chair selection, Secretary selection, or rule change proposal at the BLP in question."
22) For group trips a volunteer contact will be necessary to organise it. Such contacts forthcoming will be posted in either the loomio group, or public forum. Once posted in those places, inivitations will be sent out by twitter and facebook and watsapp by the social media officers.