High Level of Police Pursuits Resulting in Death

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How about an independent agency created specifically for investigating police car pursuits?


Colin Davies Sun 17 Aug 2014 10:12PM

Me thinks all matters surrounding police investigations, should be independent. The current system gives the public no confidence, as it is like the police investigating themselves.


Colin England Mon 18 Aug 2014 1:15AM

Yeah, we need something more than the present system which is little more than a whitewash for police misconduct.


Marc Whinery Mon 18 Aug 2014 2:56AM

Any attempt to pull anyone over for any reason is a pursuit. When the criminal chooses to run, that isn't the fault of the police. If the policy is to never chase, as some have implied, then nobody should ever stop.

The deaths in pursuits are 100% caused by the person who chooses to illegally run, and drive carelessly/negligently when doing so. It seems absurd to me to punish the police for trying to enforce the laws they are charged with enforcing.

If we have no pursuits, how do police pull people over?


seann paurini Mon 18 Aug 2014 3:54AM

Marc, I'm interested in a policy that protects public safety and the integrity of police.

The idea of a completely independent investigation team (e.g. employed, appointed or voted in members of the community - perhaps with legal expertson hand to advise) makes sense to me. The reason this is important is because many of the deaths could be avoided. There is evidence here and internationally that suggests that police are often just as responsible in some cases. It is better for people not to die no matter what - surely? There are approaches police can adopt e.g. such as taking a number plate and catching up with the person later. I have some figures, I'll produce them later tonight or tomorrow.


Fred Look Mon 18 Aug 2014 3:55AM

@marcwhinery if it looks like a troll quacks like a troll and generally behaves like a troll, maby its a troll


Marc Whinery Mon 18 Aug 2014 4:34AM

@fredlook Fred Looks in a mirror?


Fred Look Mon 18 Aug 2014 5:09AM

yes there is a bit of troll in all of us. As far as police pursuits are concerned they are murder. It has to stop. We need an independent police complaints that actually is independent. disband the corrupt police association and imprison greg o'connor for promoting corruption


Marc Whinery Mon 18 Aug 2014 5:38AM

@fredlook " As far as police pursuits are concerned they are murder."

Yet you blame the person trying to stop the murder, not the person that actively committed the act that killed.



Fred Look Mon 18 Aug 2014 6:33AM

@marcwhinery your comments indicate that you recognise as do the police that pursuits cause deaths. that would make three parties to hold responsible


Marc Whinery Mon 18 Aug 2014 9:56AM

@fredlook I recognize that bad driving causes deaths. I also indicated that holding cops responsible for the bad actions of those whose bad actions are the reason they came to attention is silly.

To do as you describe is to reward criminally unsafe drivers. "run from the cops, and you'll not be chased, jsut make sure to do it unsafely so the cops can't follow" Yea, that's a great message to send to criminals.

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