Thu 22 Aug 2013 5:15PM

Gathering Artwork, Communication, Websites and Marketing in one team

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Decision coming from a topic initiated in council mailing list

This proposal because the frontier between all these roles is thin and variable, and we're a small team now :) IMHO splitting in dedicated teams should be more spontaneous and flexible.

This vision doesn't mean there is no specific role or responsibility, nor that there will never be no subteam. Just that, as for QA, subteams will imho be created by need, when there will be enough people to make them :)


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by Raphaël Jadot Tue 16 May 2017 5:38PM

OK for gathering, we need to find a name now

  • Defining roles that need to be filled (doc, translation, social media…).
  • Gather artwork, website (including moderation, webdev, doc, translation, publishing but not sysadmin), com, and marketing teams in a single team (or circle to use the naming of holacracy) with one mailing list. I'd name this team Synergya or workshop, or operatorium, but my fave name is oficina :)
  • Append two coordinators to this team.


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Raphaël Jadot
Thu 22 Aug 2013 5:17PM

I agree


João Azevedo Patrício
Fri 23 Aug 2013 9:14AM

I agree but with lot's of ????. So I vote on the general idea of building a "oficina"


Anurag Bhandari
Sat 24 Aug 2013 2:46AM

Yes, we can do better with a combined team, for now, than having small-small teams with little or no communication. And I like the idea of "roles" :)


Wayne Sallee
Sat 24 Aug 2013 5:32PM

I still think that the mailing list is a better place to discuss. :-)

Deduct went over defense without defeat. :-)

Wayne Sallee
[email protected]


Kate Lebedeff Thu 22 Aug 2013 5:57PM

So, we unite communications, artwork, translations and documentation teams, with for now 1 leader - Joao, more to join. Is this correct?


Raphaël Jadot Thu 22 Aug 2013 7:19PM

yes :) at least a deputy because this team is quite big


Raphaël Jadot Thu 22 Aug 2013 11:07PM

@joaoazevedopatricio1 I like the oficina word, but does it sound good in portuguese?


Anurag Bhandari Fri 23 Aug 2013 12:31AM

I thought it was about merging all MLs into one, and not about merging all teams into one.


Raphaël Jadot Fri 23 Aug 2013 8:30AM

@anuragbhandari In fact, i prefer to use the term "role", we need people dedicated such as, for example, cristina is dedicated to artwork. Subteams can exist, and are free to exist if many people start to feed the same role, and need coordination. Like I said in the global description, they should created in a more spontaneous and flexible way. (Like QA inside cooker)

We need some roles (communication, social media, marketing etc) but can't create teams where there is not people :)

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