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Fairness Proposal

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This is the thread for the percentage discussion - fairness proposal


Michaela Kennedy Wed 26 May 2021 11:55PM

Thanks for putting this up Lynn. I particularly like the increase in admin fee to be the same for old and new members. The conversations to be had by coaches when the notification goes out for increase in admin fee. Just a thought about monitoring attendance, maybe the harvester could document who had to leave early and those don't count as attended.


Lynn Lennon Wed 26 May 2021 3:34AM

Thanks @Dee. Feedback from the Gathering for consideration:

% for members prior to July 1 and after - look at same % for both, eg 30%

Contribution - break this down into quarters, ie 1-3mths must attend Culture Jedi, 3-6mths must attend Jedi and Culture Meeting, 6-12mths, must attend AoH & Gathering. It was felt that when first commencing there's a lot to take onboard and learn, breaking it down into small chunks might help make this more manageable, this is a minimum, others who jump in are more than welcome to do so.

Monitoring of Attendance - how is this being collected? Does Admin review each Harvest and record? Has been noted that some members will "pop" in for 15 minutes only. Include the words "attend and make meaningful contribution" to attendance at meetings. Recording of attendees to only be captured at the end of the meeting by the Harvester.

Monitoring of Attendance - is this a job that can be given to Chris who maybe able to create an automatic notification to Admin of attendees, via login in to Teams or Zoom meetings to reduce workload on Admin?

Notification of Concerns - Coach to have a conversation in addition to notification via email.

Light Touch Members - does this Policy include them?

Previously an estimation was done of how much time attendance at one Jedi Meeting & Culture Meeting was undertaken. This was estimated at 2hrs per week (including activities undertaken outside of meetings). This small contribution by all members would have a significant impact on the organisation as a whole.

Some of the above may have already been discussed within the Dollars Jedi, apologise if I'm covering things already discussed and resolved.


Dee Brooks Wed 26 May 2021 12:34AM

Jeder Member Contribution Proposal Outcome:

This has been copied here from the original proposal to allow the feedback from the Gathering to be added by @Lynn Lennon and move this passed proposal further along!


By Michelle Dunscombe April 27 · Review due May 3

Thank you to everyone who voted on this proposal and your overwhelming support. 

I would like to respond to the clarifying questions that some of you asked. 

  • The 5% contribution for Grants/Projects is a reduction from the 15%

  • The 50% relates to members who join Jeder after 1st July and would still be above the award for a casual worker.

  • If not 50% what do you propose?

  • The Fairness proposal comes after multiple strategies to engage members to fulfil their members contributions including and not limited to members moments, gatherings, emails and individual phone calls and was designed to encourage participation

  • All members have the same contribution requirements 

  • The monitoring of the Fairness Proposal is included in the proposal i.e. Admin, Coaches and TCOB

  • We can review the proposal in 6-12 months

  • Any other proposals to support members to fulfil their contribution to Jeder would be greatly appreciated.