Thu 1 Dec 2022 4:13AM

First gathering of collectively and cooperatively run Mastodon instances.

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Let's organize a meet-up and sharing session among cooperatively or collectively owned/managed/governed mastodon instances. The net should be broad enough to include both instances that are democratically owned and managed by their members and instances that are run by democratically run organizations like cooperatives, unions, and collectives. This thread is for members of social.coop to organize the meeting. We may want to start a matrix chat room open to people from other instances...

See this list of collectively owned instances: https://codeberg.org/fediverse/fediparty/wiki/Collectively-owned-instances compiled by @[email protected].


Caitlin Waddick, @[email protected] Thu 1 Dec 2022 4:20AM

I am in. I'm wondering ... how many groups are we talking about? And, do we want this meet-up to include one authorized representative of those groups or any of the members who want to crash the party? I think the latter sounds more fun. What else might make it fun to meet? (Silly hats!) What kind of simple agenda do we want to create? I think we should invite people to be prepared to say something about their coop/instance in 2 minutes or less: what it does and why they are on Mastadon and what keeps them honest/authentic in the face of angst. (I'm being a bit silly here.)


Ana Ulin Thu 1 Dec 2022 7:03PM

I really like the idea of something with the lightest of preset agendas, where folks can come in, meet each other, and then in some way express interests / intentions for the meeting (or follow-up meetings?).

Could be something as simple as:

(1) round of lightning intros for everyone (assuming we have a sufficiently small group of attendees)

(2) round of Impromptu Networking (https://www.liberatingstructures.com/2-impromptu-networking/)

(3) some kind of discussion of what folks would want to get from the group going forward? commitments for future actions / gatherings? (could use 1-2-4-All, if the group is large enough to require more structure: https://www.liberatingstructures.com/1-1-2-4-all/)


Ky Wed 1 Feb 2023 10:14PM

I often find myself frustrated with large Zoom-like calls, especially for the purpose of Networking.

If we end up with a large group of attendees, I propose we use https://www.gather.town/ or a similar service.

It mimics a physical social environment. So, for example, groups can organically split into breakouts and form breakouts - just by walking somewhere together.


Billy Smith Thu 2 Feb 2023 6:31PM

One of the people from CoTech set up a GatherTown instance for a beta-test during one of the CoTech conferences during the UK lockdowns. :D

It worked well, but the participants will need to have a good bandwidth connection to get the best results from it, though that may just have been the beta-testing.

I'll try to get in touch with them, and point them here. :D


Eduardo Mercovich Wed 8 Feb 2023 7:54PM

I love these liberating structures. :)

If we are 20 or more we can also do it as an Open Space (brief liberating structures version in https://www.liberatingstructures.com/25-open-space-technology/ and more in depth version in https://openspaceworld.org/wp2/explore/).

If date/time allows it, I will happily help with the facilitation.


Matt Noyes Thu 1 Dec 2022 4:25AM

Party hats! Like that book: Go! Dog! Go!


Erik Moeller Thu 1 Dec 2022 5:13AM

Brilliant idea! I would also suggest involving the https://cosocial.ca/ folks who are looking to set up a Canadian co-operative. https://prodromou.pub/@evan is one of the key folks but awsamuel(@)social.coop is involved as well.


Kevin Flanagan Thu 1 Dec 2022 6:50AM

Yeah. Great idea. Could attendance also be open to people interested in setting up collective instances?


M. Page-Lieberman - @[email protected] Thu 1 Dec 2022 7:23AM

My understanding has been that the solarpunk instance Sunbeam City, which I'm a member of, is a cooperative, but I don't see them on the list. So, I just reached out to them to confirm.


Matt Noyes Thu 1 Dec 2022 5:28PM

Can you dm @[email protected] on Mastodon?

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