Professional use of dedicated services and webstreaming possibilities via Youtube

JD Jelle Debusscher Public Seen by 176

Since we don't have to develop everything from zero but rather put things together to form a coherent format, I suggest we use the streaming services of YouTube. This could have several advantages in exploring the possibilities and boundaries we should impose like the metadata of the video's which is usefull for automated handling, authenticity requirements, locality detection and ofcourse exposure for a new way of professional citizen politics.

If you see privacy as the n°1 issue, I do agree if possible we should develop our own server - and in a format for 'vlaanderen' it should be possible to get funding for this project too - but for now it remains a testing application in the public domain.

Could you help me sum up the pro's and con's of using YouTube as videoserver for the whole project ?


Lander Meeusen Mon 22 Oct 2018 4:44PM

  • Not everybody knows how to upload to YouTube or wants to use it. Not everybody has a smartphone or camera. Not everybody has or wants a Google-account.

? Isn't it double work to upload a video to youtube and then put a link on the agora-website? Can it be private from people that are not involved with agora?

  • Everybody knows YouTube. It's easy to watch and look up video's. It doesn't require any work, time, energy to make something similar ourselves.

Jelle Debusscher Tue 23 Oct 2018 8:15AM

  • The act of the filming is the documenting and reporting of news. I understand their is some reluctance to use the new media for what they could be used, yet this is litterally making the forum virtual with the means we have. The camera-application can be used in the application, the idea is to bring public matters to a wider forum in the video-format, in that sense everyone is a reporter and can address the agora without barriers. The three pirate rule is in that sense not necessary, since your identity is already checked.
  • The point of the agora is that everyone can also see and hear you to discuss public matters so this is also a quality check, the agora could be accessible on district/city/province-levels for those inhabitants only yes, but it goes a bit against the open nature of the initiative.
  • The idea of using YouTube could be for testing purposes. In that manner we could use the streaming services to setup a streaming channel with an agenda and make full use(?) of hashtags and metadata.

  • If you think it's better to host video ourselves and setup a forum, these are questions I'll form in seperate decisions.


Lander Meeusen Sat 3 Nov 2018 3:09PM

(Clarification of my last point: Using YouTube would mean we don't have to spend time ourselves developing something new.) I agree about using YouTube or other existing tools (regardless of privacy or corporate issues) for testing purposes.


Jan Van Opstal Thu 25 Oct 2018 5:20PM

streaming in facebook is also a option ...