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Wallet App Development and Crowdfund

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In this thread i'd like to propose a discussion about the choice of an App to be developed, depending on its practical utility and the profitability options.

All the following app proposals, are tools that can exist right now and have an important relevance in the path to develope a project for a new global money system like CLIME.

Even when all these ideas are quite old (were proposed around 2011) i haven’t seen any of them in any App till today.

To develop this discussion there are three main points to approach:

1°.- Possible Apps. I’m going to propose 3 possible apps. Let’s choose one of these three possible Apps to develope it. Most of them has already a detailed development, and are easy to deploy. It is neccesary to describe what all these Apps are intended to do and what are the pros and cons of each.
2°.- Currencies. What coins can be our targets?
3°.- Crowd-Fund: The ideal way to work is with the aid of an incentive. What are the existent channels to ask for funds to incentive our team-work?

As the discussion pregress, we can change our minds and modify the proposal on which we are voting.

LINK TO SLIDESHARES: https://goo.gl/4ogJ6u
(Follow each link in the slideshare)


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Initially, this proposal poses the idea to develope:

1.- A Contract Wallet for One-Way Payments, just for one customer and one supplier, with the options to hold several contracts in the same app.
2.- The currency to use for this app is DASH, essentially due to the zero fee for transactions that the network still has.
3.- The proposed way to raise the funds is by the DASH WHALE Masternode Budget platform.
4.- The proposed budget for a project like this is 50 DASHes per work-group member, for 3 months.

It is intended to talk with the dash community, and propose this idea in a Dah-Talk thread, and talk about to how to integrate this software wallet into their EVOLUTION Wallet.


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