Thu 17 Sep 2015 9:00PM

Combining Developers and Gardeners

HK Helen Kane Public Seen by 20

On the main site, which I love, maybe you guys could put links to help develop the site? I think the gardeners should be intimately aware of their developer counterparts in this amazing project, it would create a more wholesome community. Which currently has a section of gardeners who meet on openfarm, and a section of developers who meet on github, loomio, and slack. :)


[deactivated account] Sat 19 Sep 2015 4:07PM

This is a good idea.

The links are already there: https://openfarm.cc/pages/about,

but our splash page could maybe mention these things? Something a bit more call to action-y. I definitely want to get more non-coders involved in the building of the website - through ideas, feedback, translation, etc.


Andru Vallance Sun 20 Sep 2015 9:00AM

I think the call-out we currently have on the homepage could be a great place for a link...

Welcome to OpenFarm! We're a pretty new project and community so please excuse any bugs you find in the website. Interested in helping out? Become a member for free and we'll be in contact via our email newsletter!

I guess we're wanting to capture people's emails to stay in touch, but lumping in potential contributors with general registrations seems to me like a lost opportunity. I think we could have some prominent call-outs here for participation... e.g.

Welcome to OpenFarm! We're a pretty new project being built by a community of passionate gardeners just like you. If you find any bugs please report them. Better yet, whatever your skill set, there's a way you can help.

I'm no copywriter, but hopefully that communicates the idea well enough.


Rory Aronson Sun 20 Sep 2015 7:24PM

This is a good suggestion Andru! Simon, is there a way to add links to the alerts? Or what about a button?


[deactivated account] Mon 21 Sep 2015 4:22PM

On Staging you can now: Might need to tweak some of the CSS.



Rory Aronson Mon 21 Sep 2015 4:27PM

Woop! Thanks Simon. I'll create some email automation stuff to onboard people who sign up for the helpers list.