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Sean Burn Fri 3 Oct 2014 4:32AM

Touchpoint 03

Recommendation service:

Alongside the dewey decimal app/system, students would be able to recommend and rate book for their particular degree/course/paper. Students would then be able to search books that have been recommended by other students for papers that they are doing. Reviews/comments could also be left indicating the best parts of books or most helpful areas for different parts of the assignment.

Students will be more likely to take the advice and recommendations of peers over tutors. This will also create a sustaining system that all students can use to access more and better resources.

When a user finds the book they are looking for after using the wayfinding section of the app, suggestions would come up for other related and possibly helpful material, including e-books and digital resources that the library has to offer. Creating a link between the digital and physical locality and resources that the library has to offer. These systems will not be adding anything new to the library, rather they will reshape current modes of finding information and aiding/easing the access to this information.


Phillip Rubery Wed 8 Oct 2014 9:56AM

The original write up for touch points. These have been revised, then revised again. Peer critique has been super-helpful, as well as basic trial and error. Can't beat it.

Concept 1:
‘Recommended Read board’
Way for students to share useful readings with others taking the same paper. To encourage people to actually submit ideas, each week one student could win a $20 Tussock voucher. This would help make finding valuable information in the maze of the library easier, and encourage a more social dynamic. Prove that books have better knowledge than google.

Concept 2:
Student installation artwork
Competition to design a piece of art, best submissions win prize and chance to install their own work in the Massey Library. Initiates a sense of ownership of the space, makes the library more connected to rest of university and makes it a little less daunting or austere.

Concept 3:
Dewie Decimal tracker App. Find the book, get the dewie decimal code, feed that into the tracker, and let the GPS on your phone do the rest.


Phillip Rubery Wed 8 Oct 2014 9:57AM

Documenting the peer presentation and critique session. Delicious.


Campbell Stonehouse-Roy Wed 8 Oct 2014 9:07PM

Touchpoint 01
Recommendation: Zoning

In recognition of the varying study needs of the Massey student community, we recommend that the Massey university offer specific Study Zones in their library. Throughout the library there will be three colour coded zones, with corresponding noise expectations. The Interior colours of the library and dashed lines on the floor will reflect and enforce each zone.

Each zone will include its own colour coded posters -These will inform and educate the user on offerings in each particular space, giving them the confidence to use the library to its full potential.


Campbell Stonehouse-Roy Wed 8 Oct 2014 9:14PM

Touchpoint 01: Visualisation
-I will take better quality photos of the library today.


Phillip Rubery Wed 8 Oct 2014 11:36PM

This could be helpful, it even includes a top-view map


Campbell Stonehouse-Roy Sun 12 Oct 2014 7:51AM


Phillip Rubery Wed 15 Oct 2014 3:22AM

Took this straight from the library site, Campbell could be useful for you

"Study Areas

Study spaces for individuals and groups are available on Levels A, B and the Mezzanine. Waka 1, 2 and 3 on Level B are long tables for quiet, study-related conversation. Hui 1 and 2 on Level B are study rooms that can be booked at the Level A service point. They can be booked for two hour periods by small groups."