Sun 11 Nov 2018 9:40PM

Trip - Berlin, Blockchain for Good Workshop & Revision Summit 2018

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Where: Berlin, Blockchain for Good Workshop & Revision Summit 2018
When: 19-20 of November 2018
DApp impact: 3 days of absence, no funding needed (less than 100 EUR, I will cover myself)
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I will be part of a panel to kick start the workshop (Monday 12:00) and then mentoring one of the groups during the workshop.

Doing what we actually pledged to do. Make impact by linking blockchain projects to the real world issues and helping NGOs to navigate in the blockchain space. The goal is to connect with delegates from NGOs present and pitch an idea to run pilot projects on the DApp. Last time I attended similar event, the outcome was very positive and inspiring. It helped me to be excited again for the work we do.

Follow up:
I will write a short debriefing report summarizing the experience, what I’ve learned and what are next steps to take with the newly acquired contacts.


Loie Mon 12 Nov 2018 4:51PM

Well, young man, I support you 100% just make sure to be home by midnight and don't succumb to any peer pressure! 😘


Griff Green Mon 12 Nov 2018 5:50PM

make sure to network the fuck out of that conference lots of great orgs fighting the good fight! I wanted to go but can't justify it considering the next after is a crazy trip thru south america followed by eth singapore....
Make sure to connect with the change.org guys especially!