Proposal for Opening Prompts

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A first round of reflection and writing to generate a shared understanding of what we mean by "financial systems."


Ronen Hirsch Fri 24 Feb 2023 3:48PM

In order to outline what we mean by "financial systems" consider the following questions:

  • What tasks do you at work that would fall within "financial systems"? Think about the different rhythms in which you work, what do you daily, what do you do weekly, what do you do monthly, what do you do yearly? Take time to reflect on your work and make a list of work-tasks that you do that are related to "financial systems."

  • For each of these work tasks, indicate: what are you trying to achieve?

  • In an ideal situation, what would you consider to be the desirable outcomes for this task?

  • Looking at this list of tasks, ask yourself where do I experience friction, where do I have difficulty doing my work, where are the pain points I experience? Where possible, describe what hurts.

You can answer in whatever way is more convenient for you.

You are welcome to use to use this spreadsheet as a collective space to respond.