Sun 18 Aug 2013 2:01PM

Example Discussion: Welcome and introduction to Loomio

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Welcome to Loomio, a new tool for group decision-making.
By engaging on a topic, discussing various perspectives and information, and addressing any concerns that arise, your group can put their heads together to find the best way forward.
You can use this example discussion to play around with the features of the tool.
To get the ball rolling, Loomio Helper Bot thinks it would be a great idea for your group to take a holiday together. The pie graph on the right shows how your group feels about the proposal. You can have your say by clicking on one of the decision buttons underneath.


Poll Created Sun 18 Aug 2013 2:01PM

We should have a holiday on the moon! Closed Sun 1 Sep 2013 2:13PM

Loomio Helper Bot is really keen for your group to invest in a trip to the moon. Apparently the space-cheese is delicious. But the implications for your carbon footprint are worrying.
Is it a good idea? Loomio Helper Bot wants to know what you think!
If you’re clear about your position, click one of the icons below (hover over the decision buttons for a description of what each one means).
You’ll be prompted to make a short statement about the reason for your decision. This makes it easy to see a summary of what everyone thinks and why. You can change your mind and edit your decision freely until the proposal closes.


Results Option % of points Voters
Agree 60.0% 3 TA JM JSH
Abstain 20.0% 1 KS
Disagree 20.0% 1 JP
Block 0.0% 0  
Undecided 0% 3 BH SB A

5 of 8 people have voted (62%)


Triclops admin
Sun 18 Aug 2013 2:12PM

Because I believe its made of meringue and I love meringue.


Keith Scanlon
Sun 18 Aug 2013 2:33PM

I hear that every group is going there, so nota lota innovation in that. Unless we use it as a first stop off on the way to planet triclops - hey that sounds like I should develop or extend the proposal..... (If I can see how)..,,


Keith Scanlon
Sun 18 Aug 2013 7:35PM

I hear that every group is going there, so nota lota innovation in that. Unless we use it as a first stop off on the way to planet triclops - hey that sounds like I should develop or extend the proposal....(If I can see how).. Leaving that till later


Justine Mcfarlane
Mon 19 Aug 2013 8:01AM

I think that would really inspire us, to be at the place where it all started, look back at the earth and look at the other planets that we can next go to. I hear the jump mountain trip is awesome


Jocelyne Prefontaine
Wed 21 Aug 2013 10:02PM

I don't like extreme temperatures. There's a reason I live in London :)


Judith S Hull
Thu 29 Aug 2013 11:10PM

I agree because it is always great to get new perspectives and also because you are going to go and I get to stay here to validate.


Keith Scanlon Sun 18 Aug 2013 7:32PM

Seems like I should not adjust the proposal or made a different one until it times out - that stands to reason to keep it simple. Just getting the hang of this. Looks nice & straightforward.
PS - I'm gonna change my mind & go with any group decision re the moon.


Judith S Hull Thu 29 Aug 2013 11:09PM

I'll stay here and try to validate any assumptions about Earth you gather from the Moon. Just back from vacation and like my home.


Poll Created Sun 1 Sep 2013 2:34PM

Yammer Closed Sun 1 Sep 2013 2:37PM

Re Judith's suggestion that we use Yammer and it does provide a lot. Its not something for collective decision making and voting so I don't think it crosses over too much on loomio, which is more a tool for democratic decision making, created by the occupy movement.

Yammer is more a replacment for everything we have on google at the moment.

So to be clear. It replaces google drive with a more powerful cloud based drive.
It replaces google docs with Microsoft Office. So we can use track changes and add easily to documents. This is all now on Cloud so people can work in real time in different countries on the same drive.

It integrates sharepoint which has all the organising tools and integrates with excel in Cloud. You can embed Wordpress and RSS feeds and domain names.

So we could have people use our domain www.triclops.org and they would see a public webpage which has a backend yammer social network etc.

If you are interested I could start a small sub group and we could see if we should take it further.

The big worry is that it is not free, if we think its best we need to get cash together and do things like register as a not for profit in some countries to get tax breaks etc. Also its a big software company not a little coop making it which is why its so good I guess.

Anyway if anybody wants to trial this with me. Let me know and we can start experimenting.

if we need to still use things like loomio for democratic decision making we can embed links and iframes into the webpage that is the front for all of this.


Results Option % of points Voters
Agree 100.0% 1 SB
Abstain 0.0% 0  
Disagree 0.0% 0  
Block 0.0% 0  
Undecided 0% 7 KS TA BH JM JP JSH A

1 of 8 people have voted (12%)


Saeeda Bukhari
Sun 1 Sep 2013 2:36PM

I think we should prototype this as potentially it is already meeting most of our needs and has enough integration ability to allow anything else to plug in.