Tue 11 Dec 2018 7:39PM

Loomio Support Offerings: Be invited to our WEBINARS, and more

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Hi, my name's John; I've recently joined the Loomio team with a focus on your experience, and how to continuously support you and your groups to better coordinate, communicate, and make decisions with Loomio. To that end...

Free 101 Webinars (click here to register)

You are invited to join other Loomio users and myself as we tour the basics of the app and explore some good tips and tricks to support you and your group to quickly get moving on Loomio.

You'll leave with a couple of actionable steps you can take to move forward and create more value with your team.

Bigger Picture - Developing help resources

We're renewing our commitment to provide high quality support for groups, which means talking with you all more! Whether you want to better communicate and give people easy access to the information they need, or whether you want to increase transparency, participation, or productivity through continuous, coordination (especially across remote teams), we're here to help you realise what Loomio has to offer more quickly. We see this webinar as just one step towards growing our help resources.

Another of these is literally called Help (you may have seen this link in various places on the app and website). New and improving: We've recently made the Help resources easier to navigate, and will be ramping up our efforts to streamline the content and add more videos. You can even add suggestions to the help resource (see the bottom of any help.loomio.org page, or just reply here)

Help currently includes a
- user manual
- facilitation guide
- case studies & inspiration
- open source (developers, translators...)

Is there any area where you could particularly use some guidance or support? Things you wish you'd known earlier that other users might benefit from? Do please let us know; feel free to reply here or contact us. Thanks!

Lastly, keep your eyes out as we reinvigorate our blog and newsletter; these will also contain inspiration, guidance, and updates from your friendly neighborhood co-operative/ social enterprise (us). You can sign up for the newsletter here.


mike_hales Tue 11 Dec 2018 8:09PM

Sounds a good role to occupy, John. Welcome :slight_smile:

Guidance on feature requesting would be helpful. For example I have a bee in my bonnet about searching in comments (Loomio's search only identifies threads). So much good content can become unfindable, especially in a long thread, or when a person belong to multiple groups.
- Search within comments is one possibility.
- Tagging of comments is another.
- Favouriting is a third (with some tools for managing favourites - not just an endless scroll, like in Mastodon).

I hesitate to raise this again in Loomio Community - but some enhanced search features would make a big difference to the UX, for folks who get into long exploratory threads as distinct from short, sharp polls or decisions.


Robert Guthrie Tue 11 Dec 2018 9:18PM

Thanks Mike, you've been heard. We're finally in a position to be doing significant work again and upgrading search is in there. I'll communicate something more about this in the new year.


mike_hales Tue 11 Dec 2018 9:23PM

Glad about both things @robertguthrie - search being on the agenda and your team having increased capacity. Yay! Thanks for responding.


mike_hales Tue 11 Dec 2018 11:09PM

Regarding "easy access to the information they need", Loomio could be a whole lot better in tools for document management. One group I'm in does a lot of resource sharing - unpublished documents and links to published documents/sites. But compiling long lists inside repeatedly edited comments is a klunky way to do this? And managing documents that have been uploaded to Loomio's storage has very few tools in support and the dialogues' formats are pretty basic? Maybe an API with an external wiki app (within an Open App Ecosystem) is one way to go - rather than making Loomio into wikipedia or a Git repo!