Feedback and Ideas for Resources / Toolkits

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We've forked a project from CCHQ to develop our own resource repository.

We're intending this repository to serve as the home for various open policy toolkits (for schools, GLAM and research institutions, for the moment), as well as general resources on CC licensing, replacing our existing resources page.

We've got some new resources to add shortly -- including three papers and two new brochures -- though I thought I'd share the current state of play with you all now.

We'll be beautifying the page later on; our focus at this early stage is functionality:


Feel free to point out any gaps in our resources, as this will be an ongoing focus this year.



Wayne Mackintosh Thu 8 Jan 2015 2:47AM

Matt - That's looking good. You have a critical mass of useful resources. Do we have FAQ pages for our key stakeholder groups? We might want to consider a community-based question and answer tool (similar to http://stackexchange.com/) where community can earn karma for good answers. I think WordPress has a few community Q&A plugins, but don't have experiences running these in the WP environment.


Matt McGregor Thu 8 Jan 2015 2:55AM

Interesting idea. We do have an FAQ on the website that Richard Best put together when we moved to Wordpress circa 2012: http://creativecommons.org.nz/faqs/

It would be easy to add this FAQ as a resource, along with the other licence pages, just so people don't bypass our main web resources.

More broadly, the stack exchange idea is a great one. It might be something we could run as an international CC community with various national threads on local CC issues.

I know that CCHQ are redeveloping their website and resource page, though I'm not sure if it's on WP (it might be on Jekyll, which is what resources.creativecommons.org.nz is also on).


Diane McCarthy Sat 10 Jan 2015 2:32AM

Great and will contribute feedback as the year unfolds. Cheers Diane.

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