Thu 24 Oct 2019 5:09PM

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MSC Mark Simmonds (Co-op Culture) Public Seen by 64

We're looking at setting up a Facebook Group to be the outward facing element of our international Platform 6 community of co-op development.

We already have a Facebook Page and a Twitter account. The purpose of this thread is to discuss how we best use Facebook in conjunction with our other channels and initially there will be a poll to decide what we might call our FB page to make it easy to find by those we want to find it.


Poll Created Thu 24 Oct 2019 5:19PM

What should we call our proposed Facebook Group? Closed Thu 7 Nov 2019 6:02PM

The idea of the group is to be a place where existing and potential co-ops and co-operators can support each other, share advice, resources, ask questions....


Results Option Points Mean Voters
Platform 6 Community - Co-op Support Network 31 3.4 9
Co-op support network 23 2.1 11
Platform 6 community 19 1.7 11
Co-op Start-up Community 11 1.0 11
Co-operative Support Network 7 7.0 1
Platform 6 Community - Co-operative Support Network 7 7.0 1
Start a Co-op 6 0.5 11
Co-op organising network 6 0.9 7
Co-operative Start-up Community 5 5.0 1
Undecided 0 0 82

11 of 93 people have participated (11%)


Ian Snaith Thu 24 Oct 2019 5:37PM

0 - Platform 6 community
0 - Start a Co-op
0 - Co-op Start-up Community
0 - Co-op support network

Broad clear and simple.


John Goodman Thu 24 Oct 2019 11:18PM

9 - Platform 6 Community - Co-op Support Network
0 - Platform 6 community
0 - Start a Co-op
0 - Co-op Start-up Community
0 - Co-op support network

Agree with Jeff. Others are misleading because they are too generic and/or don't represent the nature of P6 (eg it's not just about start-ups)


Austen Cordasco Thu 7 Nov 2019 12:13PM

7 - Co-operative Support Network
7 - Platform 6 Community - Co-operative Support Network
5 - Co-operative Start-up Community
4 - Platform 6 community
0 - Platform 6 Community - Co-op Support Network
0 - Co-op organising network
0 - Co-op support network
0 - Co-op Start-up Community
0 - Start a Co-op

Better to use "Co-operative" than "Co-op" to avoid ambiguity with the Co-op shops. Also fully capitalise it.


Jeff Regino Thu 24 Oct 2019 7:12PM

I suggest to go for consistency. You can use "Platform 6" in the group title, and you can add a bunch of descriptions if you want. For example, "Platform 6 Community - Co-op Support Network".

Then in the group description, you can provide more details and add/use hashtags and/or keywords so more people would be able to find the group.


Leo Sammallahti Fri 25 Oct 2019 7:04PM

I'm an admin in a Facebook group called "Workplace Democracy Network". I become an admin after the founder left FB, it's people interested in worker cooperatives, unions, etc.

It's not very active, and already has few coop developers and enthusiasts there (188 members). If you want, we can change the name and the idea of the group and make it the Platform6 Facebook group. What do people think?


Jeff Regino Sat 26 Oct 2019 7:24AM

If the goal of the Platform 6 FB group is to attract people to join or learn about Platform 6, then this would be a good idea.


it seems tempting to use that and grab an existing lot of people, rather than re-invent the wheel, but we should check with the current membership of that Facebook group first!

I definitely don't think it's ok to re-name it 'Platform 6..(anything)' since we didn't set it up - so would it, in fact, meet the criteria we had in mind in the first place? Does it matter?

Maybe we could suggest renaming it 'Workplace Democracy & Coops Network', if we're really keen to stamp a coop identity.


Leo Sammallahti Tue 5 Nov 2019 5:08PM

Yeah good point - I'll ask the users of the group if they are okay with it.


Mark Simmonds (Co-op Culture) Tue 5 Nov 2019 4:42PM

I think we need to put ourselves in the place of the people who we want to find our group. What will they be searching for.
I like the simnplicity of the suggestions of this site: https://businesssuccessedge.com/what-to-name-your-facebook-group/
A Proven Template to Create a Winning Facebook Group Name

The best (and the simplest) way to name your Facebook group is to use the “WHAT for WHO” formula.

For example:

“Spiritual Entrepreneur Hangout”

What: Hangout
Who: Spiritual entrepreneurs

“FB Live and Messenger Bots for Entrepreneurs”

What: FB Live and Messenger Bots
Who: Entrepreneurs

“Single Parents Dating Network”

What: Dating Network
Who: Single parents

When following this naming template, it makes the Facebook group about its members, not your services, and makes it easy for them to find you when looking up topics that interest them.

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