Sun 22 Mar 2020 11:29PM

Ecotopian Council purpose/website/actions March21,2020

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Statement of purpose / values: cascadia as a container for ecotopia (without borders) vs. Cascadia NW as a container of ecotopia village - the space between the nodes - the (mycelial) network itself. where you are - home-place -


pay for loomio / get accepted as volunteer organization ($1/per person/per year min. payment of $10 per month)

write a letter

definte statement of purpose / statement of values

Update website with purpose / statement of values (feature: ability to pledge)

reach out to facebook group and engage as ecotopia without borders

reach out to other major ecotopia movements around the world

prerecorded dreamseed podcast radio show hosted on ecotopia.network

volunteer map of roles/responsibilities for website


blockchain community token organizing

ecotopian network: your cascadia (level up WWOOFing) self-vetted pool of people

roster / levels of skill / abilities / boundaires / understanding / credibility / contributions / verification / smartcontracts / opensource / LETS / federated systems of project management across communities and people and land

collaboration with dreamseed - living ampitheater - podcast - potential collab with http://lucidvibe.com/ Zachary Wolk (technical: https://t.me/c/1325885497/341 zachary can train / other prodcast venues)

sharing of dreamseed outer/inner temples

beads, seeds, and reputation

grassroots economics (https://www.grassrootseconomics.org/community-currencies) (documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojFPrVvpraU)


Safety Practices for COVID-19/Coronavirus Mutual Aid Projects


Template: Community/Family Invitation to Form Mutual Aid Group


Mutual Aid: How to Build a Network in Your Neighborhood


resources from here: