Sun 3 Jun 2018 3:21AM

Adding forums

J Julie Public Seen by 300

As discussed in last week's meeting, I'm looking into adding forums to the site. I'm using bbPress, because it's built explicitly to work with BuddyPress. I've installed it on the new dev site - use the same login and password as you do for the live site, it's a direct copy so logins are the same too. Feel free to have a play!

I've found the following:
1. Each BuddyPress group has a single forum, but that forum can have subforums, so really you can have as many as you want. The parent or subforums can be any combination of private or public. Only admin (people with access to the wordpress backend) can create forums, but anyone can create topics and replies.
2. You can also have a sitewide forum (not connected to any buddypress group), which can be public or private (and ditto with subforums)

I don't like the styling of the forum (the lines are too light, the structure isn't clear enough), but we can play with that.

I'd love any feedback or input.

xx julie


Bob W Sun 3 Jun 2018 4:27AM

When we go multi-lingual, it seems likely that we'll want forums to be language-specific, (unless there is unexpectedly good automatic translation). But, I don't think we'll know what makes sense until we really play with what is possible in the multilingual site designs. So, we can do something now, and probably should - but whatever we do now might need to be adjusted when we go multilingual..


Dieudonné Sun 3 Jun 2018 5:49AM

About automatic translation, I was curious to know which translation tool was chosen by loomio staff for the translate button at the bottom of each message. I found the answer here :
* https://help.loomio.org/en/third_party_services.html

The equivalent information for us is here :
* Components used to Implemented Production Site Features