Fri 22 Nov 2013 5:42AM

Dec SDC - Proposal 8: Leaks to Crikey

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See: http://members.nsw.greens.org.au/members/Default.aspx?Page=6309

That the NSW Greens:

condemns and disavows the negative, damaging and divisive leaks to Crikey, which led to the publication of the 'Greens Split?' entry of the news website's October 18th Tips and Rumours section, and an article entitled ''The New Normal': Rhiannon forces triumph in NSW Greens' on October 21st.
reaffirms their support for former MLC and lead Senate candidate Cate Faehrmann and acknowledges the positive work that both she and Senator Lee Rhiannon have done in their capacity as representatives of the Greens.
reaffirms that NSW Greens office bearers are representative of the entire NSW Greens membership.

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