Review Committee Involvement

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This thread is about the people, process, and tools we'll use to engage the Review Committee.

Who: Review Committee team: collaborative document



Outstanding questions

Orientation session for Review Committee 

Feb. 8th 1-2:30pm

Draft agenda https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qtPRSKUfbstW9l4tLChPajJ5Lf-Hi0BnGvm6BAegox4/edit

Need to define roles/who covers what see rough draft of ppt here 

Ranking assignments 

Review Committee can expect their assigned proposals and Grant Memos by midnight on Friday Feb. 5th. They will need to complete their rankings before our meeting Thursday February 11th  

# of proposals per person to Score (TBD) 

Decision Making session for Review Committee 

February 11th 11-2pm

Proposed amount of time: 3 hours 

Time TBD 

Additions/deletions to this approach? (see rough draft of ppt here)

When: Timeline of key activities (for reference)

How: Need to put a hold on Justin and Caroline's calendar for for orientation and decision making session, conflict of interest disclosure, Google Drive will contain Grant Memos and proposals, Draft Score Sheetfor decision making. Does the score sheet process need refinement?  Any other feedback?


Anne Hoyt Taff Thu 17 Dec 2020 7:27PM

I have been thinking about the orientation session - I am worried about the additional time commitment required, but I love the idea of the content. I was thinking that instead we could prepare a powerpoint with the information and send it (around the time you suggested) as background information for them to review. Of course in person and connecting is better, but I'm mindful of time and lift. Once the review committee is set, I'm also open to asking them what they prefer. I do think we can delegate this ppt to Erin's team and Jeff as they are producing similar things.


Jenny Thu 17 Dec 2020 8:09PM

@Anne Hoyt Taff great point. I just emailed Erin and Jeff asking if they have recommendations about what content to cover with Review Committee members, whether it be in the form of a packet or a Zoom session. I'll update the sample ppt with what I get from them.