Wed 29 Jun 2022 7:24AM

Steering Group Meeting Agenda

SD Stephen Davies Public Seen by 13

9am at Loveland - Saturday, July 2nd.


Stephen Davies Wed 29 Jun 2022 7:30AM

- Loveland's Online Presence - Is the FFC website and social media providing us with enough digital presence?

- Growing flax at Loveland - proposal to trial this from Tom Crisp

- Quick run through of community input via the consultations


Tallulah Wed 29 Jun 2022 7:46AM

  • online one off donation button maybe using PayPal or something as people at feast wanted to donate but didn’t have cash


Duncan Wed 29 Jun 2022 4:34PM

Apologies from me, super stacked with work till Sunday.

Flax, would be awesome. We've been talking about it in the grains group so would be ace to share ideas.


Duncan Wed 29 Jun 2022 4:39PM

Toots, the donate thing is a great idea. A few places use the QR code for PayPal (don't know if there's a more ethical alternative). It's really easy to use when people don't have cash. Maybe could be used for roadside stall too.



Finn Thu 30 Jun 2022 7:49AM

. Welcome to Abi - Who would like to join the SG!

. Saturday Volunteer Rota

. Update on commercial veg plot & roadside stall

. Update on Funding

. Upcoming events, what's planned?


Jaye Brighton Thu 30 Jun 2022 10:29AM

Council housing paper.

Ideas for funding ahead of transformation Cornwall meeting on Thursday 9 am


Jaye Brighton Fri 1 Jul 2022 7:32PM

Joining Cornwall climate action network CIC. I need a second signatory, maybe someone on the board?

I've joined email list for Sustainable food Cornwall (new and exciting initiative run by good people!) on behalf of Loveland


Stephen Davies Fri 1 Jul 2022 10:14PM

Next steps for Loveland’s Masterplan