Invitations, registration, travel process

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We still have space available, people can fill in forms to register:

"I'm going": https://goo.gl/forms/JXx5txhxHrEZTsv43

En español: https://goo.gl/forms/UofGmT1OQABve5i23

Notes on travel policy and logisitcs: https://mypads.framapad.org/mypads/?/mypads/group/eca-madrid-ikgde722/pad/view/travel-policy-logistics-for-invitees-wpe027ts


Nicole Leonard Thu 20 Jul 2017 5:04PM

-Deadline for form is extended to August 4. After that time we should have the basis for the working groups set.
-Please, help me by sending this to people you want to go and encouraging them personally.

-There will be people who want to come that have not filled the form. Also probably people who want to come participate in an eca session for example but not a working group (i.e. Foundation people)? Since Transeuropa festival is at the same time, people have other options (although the advantage is that most of their program starts late in the day whereas we are early risers)

-We will then need to get back to people with a travel policy.


Nicole Leonard Mon 24 Jul 2017 3:57PM

I spoke with TEF on their travel policy. THey will reimburse people after they bookt heir own flights (not everyone, selected people based on applications). They should ahve this list by Sept or earlier and will send it to me. We just need to avoid doubling up on travel grants - i.e. someone receieves ECA + TEF

They don't have everything ready yet on registation so we will see with them later, but they are aware of our plan to have ECAers joining their events and will keep in mind when deciding capacity.

Accomodation wise they find it expensive and difficult to find group housing. We should probably anticipate on that too. David mentioned that maybe the city department has some housing to offer - we need to follow up on this asap


Nicole Leonard Mon 14 Aug 2017 3:02PM

Looking to define a travel policy or at least first steps by the end of the week. As we don't have full travel budget finally confirmed it's tricky. Idea to ask those in Eastern Europe (small numbers of farther away people) to book now, drawing from the first travel budget (reimbursements wouldn't actually be transferred til after the Assembly.)


Nicole Leonard Thu 17 Aug 2017 2:40PM

Decided to push this back until Sept 1, but I will draw up some different scenarios in the meantime on travel and housing costs based on participants' needs. @malashierbas mentioned from there she could look into some solidarity housing.
Got quote of about 70/80 euros per night accom in Madrid ...

More invites to send (who will send them?): People from MARES, people from Valencia (in touch w/ @staccotroncoso), others mentioned...


Nicole Leonard Thu 17 Aug 2017 2:41PM

Cajon desastre? had it written in my notes...


Nicole Leonard Wed 23 Aug 2017 5:22PM

So, I drew this up. It's based off people's responses in the forms and divides up Travel and Accomodation so we have a cleare idea: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gtMxIw7hH4Qh--_E1di62P4tfLLUmuEjWAYQD1JgJTo/edit#gid=587220987

Basically the idea is to offer 70 euros a night for 4 nights to people who do not have friends to stay with in Madrid; to offer 250 in travel to those that have no coverage from their organizations; to offer 100 to those who do have partial coverage from their organizaitons. For the Spanish, the idea is to offer 150 for those that need travel funds and 70/night/4 ngihts (probably not needed as everyone said they might be able to find housing).

These numbers seem fair and are conservative - all "Maybes" were considered as no for accomdation, and the form didn't consdier that some people might be able to have their organizations contribute for accomodation as well. I might be underestimating slightly the real cost of accom in Madrid though.

Anywyas, I think that we can quote these numbers to people, tell them to make arrangements, and then offer to reimburse people altogether (travel and accom combined) after the conference as long as it falls into this amount, dealing with abnormalities on a case by case basis.


Nicole Leonard Wed 23 Aug 2017 5:23PM

We can also send instructions category by category: i.e. tell people without friends to start looking into accom on the basis of this; tell people whose orgs can pay full travel cost to go ahead and book and look into accom; etc. etc. and do this carefully at first to not surpass the budget on hand from FPH.


Nicole Leonard Wed 6 Sep 2017 2:35PM

Comments? I thought we could include this in the email introducing the working groups so people can more intuitively understand the dates and where the workshops fit in to the whole program. Can I get a few more pairs of eyes? @malashierbas @lucastello @gaelle11... Do you think it would be good to add the end time of Transeuropa on Saturday so people can plan departures? Originally I wanted to keep it simple since this is the structure of ECA progam, not the Transeuropa one. Thoughts welcome