Sun 4 Jun 2017 5:58AM

What about a Citizens Lobby?

CS Clay Shentrup Public Seen by 28

I often think about how we can sort of bypass political institutions to get improvements to society. What if we were to have a sort of Citizens Lobby elected via advanced voting methods—maybe have STAR and have some advanced PR method.

Suppose you could get a few thousand people to raise enough money to let them be full time activist lobbyists. So people could have an advocacy group kind of like the NRA or the ACLU, but formed out of the consensus of some representative group trying to find common ground.

If the group got to the point where it had enough influence, there could be an incentive for people to be voting members, even if they aren't centrists. Because then they could influence it's decisions.



Sara Wolf Tue 6 Jun 2017 2:57AM

I like it


William WAUGH Mon 26 Jun 2017 11:25PM