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Odyssey Hack

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IF YOUR NOT ON A TEAM AND WOULD LIKE TO BE, PLEASE ADVERISE YOURSELF BELOW BY STATING INTEREST When we are through the deep dives we'll do some speed dating and match making to further align. Please state your general preferences towards what you wish to get done and we'll do our best to find something for everyone (no promises but optimistic). Giveth is planning on doing this which seems like a good Schelling point to work towards

For others doing their own thing with a wish to coordinate, please find registration here. The registration deadline is February 25th.

Odyssey is a large participatory hack event aimed towards enabling the commons.
It was started by Jan-Peter Domernik who I met yesterday. This is his TEDx Vision talk. Those that do the work, write the narrative. Nature2.ooo. How tokenisation is relevant.

Here is prepatory information recently shared!

€10,000 Bounty/Challenge on tokenising the Odyssey Ecosystem itself (which looks like its built on Riot!? Called Mobilize.io). There will be 20 teams receiving incubation funding €200,000 of funding (added context from Jan: "it is €10,000 per 5 teams (a challenge is 5 teams)" - unsure what that means but don't really care... DYOR)

The hackathon partners pick the winners as they will then fund the projects:
• Deep dives are for clarifying questions or eliciting problems from the partners.
• Winners understand the problem
• Winners are people willing to go forward making

Additional fun:
Nature 2.0 track
Me looking for devs (not sure it links correctly)
Register for technical deep dive
Technical track live stream - view on the 4th Feb
Register for other tracks

Manifesting thoughts:
Pi in the sky idea: treat it as a performance event. Co-ordinate the events meta by decentralising ourselves into unknown groups and working as intra group facilitators where useful (its co-operative but most people don't understand Holocratic/S3 patterns, nor know each other and thus there are mental barriers to inter group collaboration).

Pi in the sky idea: co-host event/meetup to try organise some London participants (suggested to Jacek).

Please re-share wherever you see fit


Will Abramson Fri 11 Jan 2019 8:52AM

Hi Josh, this looks really interesting. I would like to be involved. Sorry I haven't been too active in this loomio community yet. What tracks are you thinking of - just nature 2.0?


Josh Fairhead Tue 15 Jan 2019 2:44PM

I'm going over for the deep dive Feb 3-9. I like the whole thing really so I might be spoilt for choice, looking forward to meeting AI tribe on the 4th :)


Will Abramson Mon 21 Jan 2019 7:12PM

Keep me in the loop :) I am not going to be able to make it to the deep dives unfortunately but I will watch the streams. If you are in need of a full stack dev for your team let me know. I have some reasonable skills Java, JavaScript, Solidity etc.


Will Abramson Mon 21 Jan 2019 7:12PM

Will you be at the Sovrin meetup next Monday?


Josh Fairhead Mon 21 Jan 2019 7:19PM

Sounds great @willabramson, I most certainly will!

That said I'm hoping we can coordinate in several teams actually! i.e. fill up Giveths first team, then when we hit overflow we off board the non technicals like myself to make space, set free to find more helpful bodies (as I'm essentially useless on my own, or even on a team that I'm going to help regardless - it'll be better filled with MAKERS that can MAKE!) :D

So in that regard, if its ok, I'll consider you down to dance and up for a shuffle as the teams start to form?


Josh Fairhead Mon 21 Jan 2019 7:21PM

I'd love to be at Sovrin on Mon but am at Aracon. If your there would you maybe suggest this idea to our dear friend Andrew Tobin? (I've lost his email, please invite him here etc, I assume he will be happy to have the capabilities extended to him ;) )


Will Abramson Mon 21 Jan 2019 7:44PM

Ah nice, yep I will let him know for sure. Maybe we can get some Sovrin people involved.


Will Abramson Mon 21 Jan 2019 7:45PM

And yes I am well up for being involved however I can be of use :)


Josh Fairhead Mon 21 Jan 2019 8:02PM

Fuck yeah! Thats the spirit, thanks! Looking forward to further co-ordination and collaboration :D


Michael Shea Mon 14 Jan 2019 7:49PM

Hi Josh,

Well, I finally got around to going through this site. It looks very compelling, the one comment/objection I would raise is around the "Rethink Retirement" track, if I wanted to be snarky, I would say, they are taking the same ageist limited thinking position. The pictures are all of 'younger people' and there is no comment/ content on anything that I would say is in anyway 'rethinking' retirement. 'Retiring at 40' when life expectancy for that age cohort is nearing 100???

If you have a contact there at Odyssey, I would love to speak with them on this.

Other than, hitting a hot button. It does look like a very interesting conference.


Josh Fairhead Tue 15 Jan 2019 2:46PM

Get your picture in :p Yeah I have Jan, Stefan and Kims contact, happy to pass you over, just ping me a nice email that I can forward by way of introduction :)


Griff Green Mon 14 Jan 2019 8:31PM

I am hoping to put together a team to implement the Curry Model for them (thats what we call the token bonding curve/curation market setup described well in https://blog.goodaudience.com/rewriting-the-story-of-human-collaboration-c33a8a4cd5b8 )


Josh Fairhead Tue 15 Jan 2019 2:51PM

This is for the Tokenising Ecosystems track? Makes sense, we're tokenising ours and theres a lot of alignment with their's so hell's yeah! As mentioned I'm over for the deep dive so I'll keep my eyes peeled for helpers :)


Josh Fairhead Tue 15 Jan 2019 4:38PM

Also note the Panvala model might be relevant to them


Kim Tue 15 Jan 2019 4:40PM

For everybody who is interested in the deep dive of Nature 2.0 but can not make it to Amsterdam, we will have a live stream going as well. This is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALb5WM_xUNg


Josh Fairhead Wed 16 Jan 2019 3:20PM

Added deep dive links to the body, same for live stream


Ron Kreutzer Mon 21 Jan 2019 7:53PM

Pillar is looking at these tracks and also looking for partners.
- 21st century digital citizenship: Next gen digital ID
- Digital nation’s infrastructure: Becoming an oracle
- Digital nation’s infrastructure: Government-backed protocol for digital permissions


Josh Fairhead Mon 21 Jan 2019 8:04PM

Thanks for coming Ron, glad to have you here!


Hemdrup Sun 10 Feb 2019 11:31AM

Whoe's Pillar? @ronkreutzer


Josh Fairhead Sun 10 Feb 2019 12:20PM

Hey Hemdrup, I used to work there. Pillar is a wallet portal integrating technology in a general sense starting from Ethereum. @ronkreutzer maybe you have some more detail on your plans now?


Griff Green Sat 26 Jan 2019 7:37AM

@willabramson we are definitely looking for a full stack dev interested in playing with token bonding curves feeding into curation market DAOs to create new incentive models for supporting the commons :-D Josh can help coordinate if you are interested, or reach out to me: @griffgreen:matrix.org on Riot, +34603390161 for WhatsApp and Telegram, thegrifft on twitter


Will Abramson Mon 28 Jan 2019 10:51AM

Great, I have dropped you a message :) Sounds exciting!


Josh Fairhead Fri 1 Feb 2019 6:27PM

Hey dude, just a heads that this is all in motion, we're just getting ourselves together. Post the deep dives and once we have a gathering of people in here we'll start asking questions and sharing stuff ;)


Josh Fairhead Fri 1 Feb 2019 8:55PM

Added this information to the above information. Please take a look if you are coming to the deep dives!


Josh Fairhead Sat 2 Feb 2019 8:27PM

Big bad commons pool resource courtesy of @geleeroyale


Jeff Emmett Thu 7 Feb 2019 11:17AM

Hi all! Looking forward to what we can put together during this hack. =) More info to come soon!


Kim Thu 7 Feb 2019 1:56PM

Yes exciting!


wslyvh Thu 7 Feb 2019 12:30PM

Hi guys, glad to have met you during the Nature 2.0 deep dive. I believe some of you will be at tomorrow's Tokenizing ecosystems again?


Josh Fairhead Fri 8 Feb 2019 8:56AM

I'll be there and I believe Jeff also though I can't comment definitely there :)


Josh Fairhead Sun 10 Feb 2019 12:28PM

Hey Wesley, shame not to have caught you again but looking forward to the next time. Scaling ecosystems was basically the same as inclusive banking and thus we'd like to hack both to be honest. We're likely gonna do the former but if we can get a second team together or to integrate with us we'd also like to play a meta game and participate in the latter challenge!


Hemdrup Sun 10 Feb 2019 3:17PM

See concept diagram: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x156ct93gsninq9/Nicolai_Hemdrup_Concept%20Diagram.jpg?dl=0

The concept for changing the system of choosing between rent or mortgage. Using blockchain to break a house value up to lots of small tokens of stored value, as real estate is treated like gold as a way to store value over time. Meaning people can each month buy a small cut of the house, rather than getting a bank mortage, where the bank prints money they don't have. Using existing regulations around shared mortgage agreements this would be possible, without needing to fight for new regulation.

I do design, someone who does React or Blockchain or Math or Data wizard or Animations would be gold for the project!

I know Nature 2.0 needs to be all creative commons etc.
The project might need to be on the Pension Fund Track, as they have been very interested in it! as they could provide liquidity in the system, as they need to store somewhere billions of euros, where is relatively safe from inflations like.

Thinking strategic, let's figure out step 01.
Then it can always become a sentient DAO.


Viorica Hagagg Wed 13 Feb 2019 9:58AM

Is anyone forming a team for the tokenising ecosystems track?


Josh Fairhead Wed 13 Feb 2019 1:07PM

Yes, thats our plan at Giveth.io. Myself, Jeff and now Roberto are currently working through a sociocratic process (web of trust) to scale the Curation DAO team. We are snowballing things from Eth Denver which is happening like tomorrow. Would you like to join a call at 4pm/9pm (Denver time, still to resolve based on a flight)? It will be at: https://meet.jit.si/giveth-gov


Viorica Hagagg Wed 13 Feb 2019 1:28PM

sure, I would prefer 4pm


Josh Fairhead Wed 13 Feb 2019 1:32PM

Me too as it works out as 11pm UK time! I'll probably miss it if it goes the other direction but my goal is just to encourage people to encourage sideline participation in Odyssey!


Michael Shea Wed 13 Feb 2019 1:35PM

Josh, is 4pm Mountain Time or GMT?


Josh Fairhead Wed 13 Feb 2019 2:05PM

Denver time (so like 11pm GMT)


Viorica Hagagg Wed 13 Feb 2019 10:29PM

Is the call today or tomorrow?


Griff Green Thu 14 Feb 2019 12:33AM

Thx for coming Viorica!!! :-D


Marko Prljic Thu 14 Feb 2019 6:33AM

@joshafairhead call is today at 11am gmt? Sorry, double checking.


Josh Fairhead Thu 14 Feb 2019 10:27PM

Ahhh, sorry Marko. Let's do a rescync whenever you have time and I'll get you up to speed! Do you know anyone around Eth Denver that can help? Or Colorado next week perhaps?


Griff Green Thu 14 Feb 2019 7:21PM

DAMN! Sorry to miss you Marko it was yesterday


Z Sat 23 Feb 2019 9:24PM

Hey guys, I'd love to join - is there still an opening?


Josh Fairhead Sun 24 Feb 2019 8:24PM

Hey Zoltan, please send me your number or get Kay to add you to a telegram group