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Odyssey Hack

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IF YOUR NOT ON A TEAM AND WOULD LIKE TO BE, PLEASE ADVERISE YOURSELF BELOW BY STATING INTEREST When we are through the deep dives we'll do some speed dating and match making to further align. Please state your general preferences towards what you wish to get done and we'll do our best to find something for everyone (no promises but optimistic). Giveth is planning on doing this which seems like a good Schelling point to work towards

For others doing their own thing with a wish to coordinate, please find registration here. The registration deadline is February 25th.

Odyssey is a large participatory hack event aimed towards enabling the commons.
It was started by Jan-Peter Domernik who I met yesterday. This is his TEDx Vision talk. Those that do the work, write the narrative. Nature2.ooo. How tokenisation is relevant.

Here is prepatory information recently shared!

€10,000 Bounty/Challenge on tokenising the Odyssey Ecosystem itself (which looks like its built on Riot!? Called Mobilize.io). There will be 20 teams receiving incubation funding €200,000 of funding (added context from Jan: "it is €10,000 per 5 teams (a challenge is 5 teams)" - unsure what that means but don't really care... DYOR)

The hackathon partners pick the winners as they will then fund the projects:
• Deep dives are for clarifying questions or eliciting problems from the partners.
• Winners understand the problem
• Winners are people willing to go forward making

Additional fun:
Nature 2.0 track
Me looking for devs (not sure it links correctly)
Register for technical deep dive
Technical track live stream - view on the 4th Feb
Register for other tracks

Manifesting thoughts:
Pi in the sky idea: treat it as a performance event. Co-ordinate the events meta by decentralising ourselves into unknown groups and working as intra group facilitators where useful (its co-operative but most people don't understand Holocratic/S3 patterns, nor know each other and thus there are mental barriers to inter group collaboration).

Pi in the sky idea: co-host event/meetup to try organise some London participants (suggested to Jacek).

Please re-share wherever you see fit


Will Abramson Fri 11 Jan 2019 8:52AM

Hi Josh, this looks really interesting. I would like to be involved. Sorry I haven't been too active in this loomio community yet. What tracks are you thinking of - just nature 2.0?


Josh Fairhead Tue 15 Jan 2019 2:44PM

I'm going over for the deep dive Feb 3-9. I like the whole thing really so I might be spoilt for choice, looking forward to meeting AI tribe on the 4th :)


Will Abramson Mon 21 Jan 2019 7:12PM

Keep me in the loop :) I am not going to be able to make it to the deep dives unfortunately but I will watch the streams. If you are in need of a full stack dev for your team let me know. I have some reasonable skills Java, JavaScript, Solidity etc.


Will Abramson Mon 21 Jan 2019 7:12PM

Will you be at the Sovrin meetup next Monday?


Josh Fairhead Mon 21 Jan 2019 7:19PM

Sounds great @willabramson, I most certainly will!

That said I'm hoping we can coordinate in several teams actually! i.e. fill up Giveths first team, then when we hit overflow we off board the non technicals like myself to make space, set free to find more helpful bodies (as I'm essentially useless on my own, or even on a team that I'm going to help regardless - it'll be better filled with MAKERS that can MAKE!) :D

So in that regard, if its ok, I'll consider you down to dance and up for a shuffle as the teams start to form?


Josh Fairhead Mon 21 Jan 2019 7:21PM

I'd love to be at Sovrin on Mon but am at Aracon. If your there would you maybe suggest this idea to our dear friend Andrew Tobin? (I've lost his email, please invite him here etc, I assume he will be happy to have the capabilities extended to him ;) )


Will Abramson Mon 21 Jan 2019 7:44PM

Ah nice, yep I will let him know for sure. Maybe we can get some Sovrin people involved.


Will Abramson Mon 21 Jan 2019 7:45PM

And yes I am well up for being involved however I can be of use :)


Josh Fairhead Mon 21 Jan 2019 8:02PM

Fuck yeah! Thats the spirit, thanks! Looking forward to further co-ordination and collaboration :D


Michael Shea Mon 14 Jan 2019 7:49PM

Hi Josh,

Well, I finally got around to going through this site. It looks very compelling, the one comment/objection I would raise is around the "Rethink Retirement" track, if I wanted to be snarky, I would say, they are taking the same ageist limited thinking position. The pictures are all of 'younger people' and there is no comment/ content on anything that I would say is in anyway 'rethinking' retirement. 'Retiring at 40' when life expectancy for that age cohort is nearing 100???

If you have a contact there at Odyssey, I would love to speak with them on this.

Other than, hitting a hot button. It does look like a very interesting conference.

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