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[deactivated account] Thu 7 Apr 2016 1:06PM

Local community; Værøy
- Dependent on the Fishing industry

- Conventional: Weak Sustainability. Market forces continue to dominate and minor policy changes secures the bare minimum for the community to continue its existence.

  • Worst case: Depletion of Fish Stocks. Local community collapses.

  • Transition: Strong Sustainability. Fish Stocks are not depleted and Værøy can continue as usual. A second alternative is that the community is successful in their Development of Fish farming.

Vision: A future that secures the well-being of the current and future generations.
- In order to achieve this we need dialogue. We need to develop a communication platform that bridges the local With the global community.This will raise awareness for what we have to do for what we have to do for ourselves, but also what we have to do for others.