Pod Listings / Reviews

ST Sean Tilley Public Seen by 18

This is just an idea. It wouldn't be that hard to implement a basic review system that registered members could use to write reviews for listed pods. Basically, it could have the functionality of Podupti.me, with Diaspora stats and a map.

The bonus would be that every pod could be reviewed, with comments and a star rating system, and users could do it on Diaspora-Project.org with the same login used for updating personal info and authenticating to the wiki.

We'd have to talk to David Morley first to see if he'd be okay with such a thing, as he's put a lot of effort into maintaining and developing Pod Uptime, but I think it might be something we could tie into our project site infrastructure. It wouldn't be that hard to implement, though, and we could set things up so that aspiring podmins could submit their pod to the directory for review.

What do you think?


Jason Robinson Mon 26 Nov 2012 7:37AM

Definitely would like podupti.me somehow to be used - assuming the code for that is open for contributions and making the necessary changes (if needed) to integrate it?


Robin Stent - Outreach Mon 26 Nov 2012 9:56AM

I think this is a good idea, would be great to see something that's a more user friendly equivalent of poduptime. Also I think it would be a good idea to de-list or put to the bottom of the list pods that have not updated their software for a long time, to discourage people from joining pods which are effectively abandoned.


Steven Hancock Mon 26 Nov 2012 10:52AM

@Jason the code for podupti.me is opensource (AGPL, same as Diaspora) and available on GitHub.


Flaburgan Mon 26 Nov 2012 2:10PM

I'd love to add some stats too, and the name + email / handle of the podmin. It's really hard to know this information !