Wed 15 Aug 2018 4:58PM

Treasury Web App

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Thread to exchange messages about the Treasury Web App development.


Nuno de Meyrelles Wed 15 Aug 2018 5:00PM

The option to see the balances by member/team is done. To use the button you need to refresh the page first, I will verify why reason that happen.
Kanban card 1345


Adrian Crantz Thu 16 Aug 2018 12:02PM

I Like it. Is it easily possible to optimize it for Smartphone use ( No need to Zoom in and move the Window ) ?


Nuno de Meyrelles Thu 16 Aug 2018 1:46PM

Fantastic... Adrian we are working on it and you can follow the kanban card 1352


Nuno de Meyrelles Thu 16 Aug 2018 2:47PM

Balances per category, Kanban card nº 1346 is done. Now we can see balances by category.


Spencer Campbell Thu 16 Aug 2018 6:12PM

Joy! Another simple change that adds a lot of value.


Nuno de Meyrelles Thu 16 Aug 2018 3:18PM

Treasury web app API is done, Kanban card nº 1344.
Spencer, you can use the API to work with transactions IN, transactions OUT, Exchange IN and Exchange OUT.
The links are:
Transaction IN
Transaction OUT
Exchange IN
Exchange OUT

I think it's better to keep the treasury web page update like till now, while we looking for a better solution.


Nuno de Meyrelles Sat 25 Aug 2018 2:38PM

Kanban card 1405 reported by Spencer has been corrected. Ajax script updated to validate the required fields.


Nuno de Meyrelles Sat 25 Aug 2018 4:16PM

Kanban card 1387 to filter users transactions combobox. The rest has been keep.


Nuno de Meyrelles Sat 25 Aug 2018 5:06PM

Need to refresh the page to activate buttons on balances page is solved. Kanban card 1356


Nuno de Meyrelles Tue 18 Sep 2018 3:49PM

To hide members/pods in balances page just make sense if we filter users by users group, because we need to work across different kinds of users and must be capable to hide and show balances to such kind of members.

To answer this requirement, I will create a user group table in Rethinkdb and connect then to users page. In this way we can index users and pods to groups.
Then, I will create a global settings page to app administrator hide and show different scenarios.
Even in balances page I will create users filters to show balances only per currency/user/pod.
Any update or doubt, please contact me.
Kanban card 1387