2023 January Guild Wide Meeting Note

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Hi @channel Guild mates,

What a wonderful meeting we started this year with. Please see below for a high level summary. Thank you Tony Allen for encouraging to be together in person. Carlos for putting the room together. Mo for music. And team chef mom for hospitality. You all for being present!

January Guild Wide Meeting

1/11/2023 5:30pm EST

Facilitator: Jacquie @Jacqueline Figment Marynowski

Secretary: Dave @Dave (Surfer)

Detailed Agenda Doc

*** Prime Produce Google Folder (If you have any issues, please let me know. Digital day of Care: Coming soon)

[For Everyone]

- To prevent any water damage from the rain, if you see a warning for heavy rain, please keep an eye out for the drain outside the window by the Dave's desk in the collaboratory and make sure that it's clear.

[Upcoming Guild Activities ]

1/19 Thursday 6pm : Storage/Basement Meeting *** @Jacqueline Figment Marynowski

1/27 Friday 6pm: Guildmates Practice Support Group *** Contact Yuko

2/1 Wednesday 10am-5pm Day of Care Part 1 - Living Room

2/1 Wednesday 5:30pm February Guild Wide Meeting

2/3 Friday at 6pm Stewarding Members Meeting

2/4 Saturday 10am-5pm Day of Care Part 2


- Fresh Produce Studio Meeting is to be held to set a plan for the operation of the studio. (Host, Insurance, Booking, Fee... etc)

[Action Required]

1) Please Write your Review for Cafe 424 on YELP on GOOGLE

2) Newsletter Submission Due 1/15/2023 5pm

- Intention for 2023: (250 words or less, send to [email protected]

3) Aquaculture's new home must be determined by 1/31.

If you have any questions, idea, please reach out & support each other.

Love and light