Move discussions/proposals

DU Damon Horrell Public Seen by 150

I've seen several proposals created within an unrelated discussion. (I did this myself the first time too cos I didn't realise how the site worked.)

It would be good to be able to move these after the fact to somewhere more appropriate.

Also the root group "Internet Party Policy Incubator" contains many discussions which could be moved down into one of the subgroups (many of which were only created recently).


Marc Whinery Sat 12 Jul 2014 1:08AM

My opinion is that everything should be in the "root", and that everyone should be able to "tag" discussions and proposals. There's no reason why they couldn't be tagged separately. So search for "economics" to find all the proposals tagged "economics" and "Internet" for things related to the Internet, and so forth.

That way we'll have better visibility for "all", rather than having some of them properly filed away in groups people don't read.

Though I know some people who wouldn't like that. Those who start the sub-groups are group administators, and a few delete discussions that they don't like, and comments they object to.

But a more "flat" design with taggs for sorting and searching, perhaps some meta to make recommendations based on a "score" of tags by how many posts are in which groups to put new discussions at the top of the suggestion box, based on tags.

It'd be hard to make it any less usable than it is now.


Colin Davies Sun 20 Jul 2014 10:19AM

Similar I would like to see separated the proposals and discussions that I am babying along all in one group, or Auto Tagged to me.


Marc Whinery Sun 20 Jul 2014 7:20PM

Or there be an option to "follow" and "stop following" discussions on a per-discussion basis, with an option for "follow all" or "follow none" for new discussions.


William Asiata Sun 24 May 2015 4:34AM

@fredlook Hey bro how's it going, hope things are coming along alright.
Just wondering if it actually is possible for anyone with admin/moderator authority to move discussions into various subgroups, and even rename some subgroups into something a bit more generalised?