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Admin closure for the Christmas period

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Working towards a proposal. Can we set a closure date for finance admin from the 22nd Dec until the 7th Jan? This means no NDIS claims, no invoicing and no emails. The payrun scheduled for the week of the 24th Dec can be set up in advance. Clarifying questions here please.


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That financial admin has a partial closure from the 22nd Dec until the 7th Jan. NDIS related claims and invoicing will continue with Sally. All other finance inquiries and processess will pause. Payrun for the 24th Dec will be set up in advance.


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Thu 1 Nov 2018 9:45AM

i absolutely support this proposal! :slight_smile:


Jason Emmins Tue 30 Oct 2018 5:16AM

Clarifying question- will this mean for that period, Admin/Finance/IT staff take annual leave or will they receive payment for that period or no pay for that period? Happy to support but need clarity on the payment arrangement for them?


Deleted User Tue 30 Oct 2018 7:26AM

They are casual @Jason, so technically only get paid when they work. Having said this, there has been a pay increase request lodged with the board for financial admin work about 2 months ago with no outcome as yet. Maybe we could make a decision on this and instead of backdating to when the request was made, offer the two weeks closure with pay.


Jason Emmins Tue 30 Oct 2018 7:41AM

Thanks @kerry63 ... further clarifying question- are all those involved in the Admin/Finance section are ok (one of a better word) with not being paid for that period due to casual status and has everyone that may be affected by this consented to this arrangement?

I think the question of the increase in pay and backdating is something the board need to consider and sits outside this proposal. Lets talk more about that at the gathering.


Deleted User Tue 30 Oct 2018 7:45AM

Really good point @Jason-I have not had any communication with @sally85 re this. it was a conversation that Sara and I had started. I can send Sally an email, or would you like to speak with her?


Jason Emmins Tue 30 Oct 2018 7:47AM

I will leave this with you (I'm a bit flat out for the next few days with reviews and reports) :-(


Deleted User Wed 31 Oct 2018 7:17PM

Sally is happy to keep working during this period-so NDIS claims and invoicing can continue-wil adjust the proposal


Jason Emmins Tue 30 Oct 2018 5:19AM

Clarifying question- in terms of buckets and the pay run, what arrangement can we have to ensure each member has enough in their bucket to cover this period of time (to minimise the likelihood of anyone going into the red), or alternatively are we OK to run the risk of someone going into the red for that period knowing claims may be processed in the next claims run? Worst case scenario here.


Deleted User Tue 30 Oct 2018 7:29AM

Bucket reports go out on the 15th, so ample time to let finance know how much for the following payrun-we should probably put a closing date for payroll requests to be made by Wed 21st Dec Midday (for example)

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