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Josse Mon 1 May 2017 12:03PM

@tierce @hgo Technically, things are all right for mass mailing?


Thierry Fenasse Mon 1 May 2017 12:19PM

I had issues in January with the last one ... and I'm not sure anymore. I remember that I had to ask Infomaniak to increase our «limits» but I do not know if it is still OK or not.

I need to make some tests or maybe use the Mailgun account we set up for Mastodon.


Thierry Fenasse Mon 1 May 2017 12:38PM

With Infomaniak

The test mail is working.
The mail rate per hour is 50.
So for a list of 2000 mails it will take 40 hours.
I'm ok with it.

If we have to change to mailgun

Add the pirateparty.be domain on their system.
Add some DNS records to please Mailgun.
And I never tried them for that purpose.
More ... I do not like the fact that «we are forced to use some commercial services like Mailgun until we set up our own mail server, capable of sending newsletters without being considered as spammer». And I did not read their EULA.
See this thread.


Josse Mon 1 May 2017 2:49PM

So, works as before then.


Josse Wed 3 May 2017 8:38PM

I would like to send the Dutch part already, but maybe even with the new video.


Josse Wed 3 May 2017 10:41PM

Dutch part sent, will check stats tomorrow for the rest.


Josse Thu 4 May 2017 6:39PM

English sending.


Josse Thu 4 May 2017 8:22PM

I made everything as good as possible for the French version, but the mails of the English still take a day to be sent, so maybe @hgo or @vanecx can have an extra check.


Renaud Van Eeckhout Thu 4 May 2017 8:27PM

Thank you Josse!
I just checked the french translation on the pad and for me it's ok and can be sent as it is.


HgO Thu 4 May 2017 8:34PM

I'm HgO and I approve this message ;)

Thank you for checking the translation @vanecx ! And thanks for your work @josse :)

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