Milestone 3 reporting

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This is a discussion relating to the information that we need form facilitators so that we can complete the milestone report. Comments need to be made in the share Network Spreadsheet.

Alll of this needs to be done by the 16th of January 2014


Rene Burton Wed 18 Dec 2013 10:20PM

  • need a criteria for changes for each heading



Collaborative - frame - activate (S T L F) - review

Analytic, critical, change talk

self determination

interdependence - network leaders / facilitators / Moe

Student achievement challenge

National Standards

S.A. Challenge

Data driven inquiry & Self Review

Plans informed by qualitative / quantitative investigation

Use of probe data

Use of capability tool data

Aligning data collection with in school practices

Lateral Learning and Change Capabilities

Where the network is at

    within school Students, teachers, leaders?

    Within and across schools? Students, teachers, leaders, families.

    within and across schools and community


Digital interactions - e.g. VLN, Google Docs, Wiki, Loomio

    Using digital at network leader level / meetings

    using digital tools to communicate with wider school / teachers / students?

    using digital tools to collaborate with networks, students, teachers, families, and the community for decision making

Jean Thu 19 Dec 2013 5:59PM

Thanks Rene - this makes the reporting easy and focused. Just printed it off and will have checklist beside me. Also thought that it would make a good word template - often useful to cut and paste from word so that there is a copy if the data on the spreadsheet gets lost. Jean


Mary Wootton Wed 8 Jan 2014 11:10PM

Ok I am in here now. Happy New Year all!! Just checking how it all works.


Mary Wootton Wed 8 Jan 2014 11:11PM

The photo was saying good-bye to my boy :( Totally not professional but checking how to attach.


Rene Burton Wed 8 Jan 2014 11:40PM

Its all good. Dan is looking good!!! This is basically a discussion board, and when we feel there has been enough discussion around a subject, anyone in the group can propose a solution / proposal, once that has been done, then everyone else can vote as to if that is the best solution