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Eva Tue 27 Feb 2018 1:02PM

Hello, everyone, thanks for being here, thanks, Dieudonne for creating the group.

Useful links:

Please add to the link list :slight_smile:


Elkie Tue 27 Feb 2018 1:25PM

thanks for posting this stuff, Eva. I am practicing using this new tool by writing to you now :-)


Bob W Tue 6 Mar 2018 9:22PM

Another link:


Eva Fri 9 Mar 2018 9:09PM

I invited Milan to this group. He might show up tomorrow, I tried to bring him up to speed on what we talked about so far.


Dieudonné Sun 11 Mar 2018 8:12AM

Thank you Eva for having invited Milan to this group. As I don't know Milan, I realize I would love to read a bit about him, like when you invited to this group, and Julie started to present herself :

Julie :

I'm in! :)

For those who don't know me, I'm an NVC person in Brisbane, Australia. I've been giving smallish NVC trainings for about 6 years, and I also do volunteer website development work for work for many people, including Miki Kashtan. I'm a programmer by trade, but my degree was 20 years ago and I've been a stay-at-home mum for most of that 20 years, so am somewhat out of date.

I've recently been talking with people about building a website for newish NVC trainers, so we can share experience and resources, etc. To this end I've been doing a Human Centered Design course, and using that learning, have been doing user interviews with a number of people about what they'd like in such a website, and how they might use it. I now have quite a number of ideas about ways to move forward.


Then I did mine :

Hello everybody,

In 2002, with my wife, we discovered NVC, and loved it enough to invest ourselves, in the french NVC association (ACNV). Initially I participated in the creation of, in 2003 :

and specially the french part :

In 2004, I initiated, in french and english (today in 26 languages), the first versions of :

In 2004 with my wife and a friend, we organized two conferences in Bordeaux, France, given by Marshall Rosenberg. The same year, first meeting with Dominic Barter. I initiated the first french wiki about NVC, and co-created with an american, a german and an english, in 2005 :

In 2014 I created the website http://CerclesRestauratifs.org. The same year, I was asked by Bob Wentworth «to ensure that the French-speaking NVC community is well-connected to the “Process for a New Future”».

To help this, I created theses :

My first job was to fly airplanes. I did it in Air France for about 30 years until last October on A380. Today I have a new dream : contribute to the emergence of the post-oil era. I find the permaculture approach is the most promising one. I see NVC and restorative systems as part of this permaculture definition :

In this sens, I'd be happy to contribute to your invitation.
In this sens, I see using open source software as instrumental.
To have a look at what is already available in this field :


Then recently we could read Bob's presentation on this Loomio group (2018.03.08) :

To provide a much broader context for who I am, and where I fit in… I’m not sure what you already know, so I’ll share the big picture… What we are doing now has origins in Dominic Barter and myself joining the CNVC Board back in 2012. The two of us conceived, designed, and initiated the New Future Process that was announced in 2014. That process led to groups involving Elkie (in the Governance working group) and Eva (in the Community working group) and others deciding that a “Virtual Home” would need to be built. From 2014 through the beginning of 2017, I (sometimes in partnership with Barbara Larson) was the “process holder” facilitating the process. I was also invited by several subgroups to contribute to various aspects of the design that was ultimately documented in the New Future Plan. Working on the New Future Process is basically the main thing my life has revolved around for the last 6 years (starting before it even had a name). I’ve been very deeply invested in it. I’ve been involved in most aspects of the process to varying degrees. I’m guessing everyone would agree that I have by far the most comprehensive knowledge of the New Future Process and Plan of anyone in the network.

Until 2012 I worked as a software developer/software architect, and so from the moment the Virtual Home was proposed (I think in 2015), I’ve been thinking about it, and I always imagined I would probably be deeply involved in its implementation.

Once the New Future Process entered the Implementation Phase a little over a year ago, I stepped back from having any formal role. Implementation Council members have generally encouraged me to contribute where I felt inspired to do so. In the last 6 months, I’ve been becoming somewhat more active again, serving on a Transitional Partner Onboarding weave (with Eva), and on an Access Curriculum development weave, as well as supporting Implementation Council members as requested.

I’ve long been planning to be involved with Virtual Home development (assuming no compelling arguments against this and I haven’t heard anyone arguing against so far). However, I have had too many other involvements thus far for it to make sense for me to lead organizing the VH effort. At the same time, I’ve been frustrated by the stops and starts of the VH efforts, and by the ways that I’ve wanted to be connected to what was trying to happen and yet so far that hasn’t happened as much as I would have liked.

I anticipate having some role in relation to the preVH effort, but precisely what that role will look like isn’t fully clear yet. To a significant extent that may depend on the relationship between the preVH and VH efforts. At the moment, I’m feeling a bit disoriented regarding that, with a sense that Elkie and I might not have a shared understanding. So, I don’t know yet how to orient myself to the preVH effort in particular.

So, I guess my popping up in this group was something that seemed inevitable and natural to me and perhaps some of those who know me. Yet, I get that that’s just one version of reality, informed by personal history. I regret not paying more attention to establishing relationship with the group and those of you who were at the first meeting.

I hope this has been in some way helpful. Let me know if there is anything else you’d like from me to support equilibrium and comfort.

(I’m curious about you too, if you’d like to share anything about your background. Though as a latecomer, I’m guessing it’s likely you’ve already shared such things with others, and I don’t want to make anyone repeat themselves, so I can leave it at just naming my curiosity. I have an impression that you have a lot of valuable knowledge and experience, and I’m glad you have energy to contribute to this project.)

Bob (Wentworth)

Would the other members of this group do the same ? Funny that at the same time I see Elkie's request : « I think that it is valuable when working in any team to check in with each other what qualities we think we each bring to the table. »

By the way, I realized that when i created the group, my language setting was in French, so the automatic initial threads were also in French. I just translated them in English. And, guess what, one of them is entitled : Welcome! Please introduce yourself :))

Another important information, I've set all of us "coordinators" in the Members page so that you can all see what is possible from this point of view.

Congratulation for having read this post that far :))


Eva Tue 13 Mar 2018 8:04AM

Thanks Dieudonne for inviting us all to introduce ourselves.

I live in Hamburg, Germany with husband and two kids (ages 13 and 15) in a car-free co-housing community. My background is a degree in Applied System Science, which is mathematical modelling of environmental systems, including social systems. I worked in this field for a while programming agent-based models of human behaviour in social dilemma situations -- also tapping into psychology here. This is so inherently cross-disciplinary that I have a sense that i don't know anything really well...

Anyway, NVC found me during a major health crisis in 2005. When my children were 2 years and 9 months old, i got a cancer diagnosis. During chemo treatment, a good friend of mine gave me "the book" - I knew immediately what was missing in my life. My learning of nvc seems to me to be pretty related to my dealing with my cancer, which is still with me. 2015 was a pretty bad year in which I wasn't sure that I would see 2017. I seem to have recovered from that very bad phase, still taking things slowly (when I remember to), focussing on stuff that I like and love, mostly on my children. NVC is also closely linked to how I try to be with my children. Learning from them.

In 2010 I decided to embark on the certification journey and in 2014 I got certified. I am a founding member of the Hamburg NVC "Verein" (a non-profit organisation), networking with about 20 nvc trainers. This is where most of my volunteer work happens and I am so grateful to have a local nvc network.

I have been a volunteer supporter of the new future process from pretty early on, doing translations into german, explaining the plan on the german-speaking trainer gathering, serving on the community working group, etc.


Dieudonné Tue 13 Mar 2018 1:50PM

Thank you ! :smile:


Xavi Sun 29 Apr 2018 11:36AM

Hello everybody, I am Xavier, I am living in Montreuil near Paris, with Elisabeth and her mother Nicole. I am hapy to discover you started this Loomio, a tool I am pleased to use in several other circles and projects. I am fan of NVC, of Restorative circles, and connection to others in a perspective to promote a world in dignity for all.

Bonjour à toutes et tous, je suis Xavier, j'habite à Montreuil près de Paris où je vis avec Elisabeth et sa maman Nicole. Je me passionne pour la communication nonviolente depuis une dizaine d'années avec Elisabeth et j'ai la chance de connaître Dieudonné et d'avoir parlé avec certains d'entre vous sur fleeper il y a quelques mois.


Julie Sun 29 Apr 2018 11:39AM

Welcome aboard! :)


Xavi Sun 29 Apr 2018 11:44AM

thanks Julie ! would you tell a bit about you here?


[deactivated account] Mon 30 Apr 2018 7:44AM

My wife Anne and I met Marshall in 1994 when he was doing an intro talk in her college program here in Santa Barbara, California. We've been learning and practicing NVC ever since, and I taught some intro college classes before we retired in 2009. Since then we've been flying a lot (all over the U.S. and Canada), mostly in our old Cessna 172 plus some wonderful flights in New Zealand (see our blog if you'd like more about that or us). We volunteer in various causes and organizations, and seem to be busier than before we retired. Lately I've been working on our mobile home and we're starting to plan a flight of short hops up the coast to Alberta, and on an airliner to Europe, while our modest savings and stamina still permit.

I've been following the CNVC-Trainers email list since my educational experience of participating on the board back in 2006 or so when we were setting up the Drupal website and trying to integrate Sociocracy into the governance. I was very pleased to see how Marshall's transition out of leadership evolved, and how the copyright and other legal & financial issues were resolved. Seeing so much more international participation and leadership is deeply nourishing for me.

I'm excited and hopeful about the new strategies and tools being explored now, and appreciate Bob's invitation to join this group.


Julie Mon 30 Apr 2018 8:20AM

Thanks John, lovely to hear all that and lovely that you're here, with your wealth of experience.

Julie :)


Stéphane Brodu Wed 2 May 2018 11:06AM

Hi everyone,
Former management consultant, my fields of interest and practice have been moving since 2006 towards collective intelligence in all its forms: collaborative work, collaborative governance, conscious communication, agility, co-creation, collective innovation, graphic facilitation, restorative systems...
All that helps build and sustain communities, working groups and organizations.
In this respect I co-founded imago-cc.com and I am a collaborator at percolab.com. (coaching and consulting dedicated to the transformation of individuals and groups through the development of collective intelligence.)

My energies are currently concentrated around the following projects:
- cofounder of http://Imago-cc.com : As a NVC practitioner, I promote a model for communities and organizations based on NVC, sosciocracy and rest. systems,

- organization of participative sites of self-construction of geodesic domes and zomes,
- creation of a geodesic structures manufacturing company,
- animation of the transition project community http://transition.iledorleans.org,
- development of resources around unschooling and conscious parenting, (http://www.sharingourhome.stefbrodu.com)
- member of the intentional community project Cohabitat Nature Québec http://cohabitat.wixsite.com/nature
- Collaborator at the Réseau des Ecoles Democratiques Au Quebec (http://REDAQ.ca)
- project to create an Agile Learning Center in Quebec City
Feel free to contact me.


Kirstin Heidler Wed 2 May 2018 3:50PM

Hi everyone,
I am from Germany and now a PhD student. I am currently working on creating an NVC practice group advertised university wide. It's proven to be difficult in areas I had not thought it would be.
I came into contact with NVC in 2014 in a seminar which belonged to the program I was studying in. I studied "IT-Systems Engineering". I know how to program and I know about open source, so maybe I can help.
I am looking forward to engaging with you!


Dieudonné Wed 2 May 2018 4:47PM

Welcome on board Kristin, Stéphane and John ! Like Elki said, it's like a dream come true to me too : )


Elkie Wed 2 May 2018 3:56PM

Welcome everyone :-). How exciting it is for me to meet all these new colleagues from across the world. Its like a dream coming to life.

I wpuld love to invite you all to become members of the NVC-O Community that has just opened its doors as CNVC begins to transition into a new future.

I will forward a link in a seperate message on this thread.

Warmest wishes,



Kirstin Heidler Thu 3 May 2018 9:22AM

I have become a member already. I believe it was the mail I received afterwards which made me aware of this group.


Elkie Thu 3 May 2018 10:15AM

Ah ha :-). Got it .....

Welcome Kirstin !