Mon 27 Sep 2021 2:18PM

Cai Facilitates Monday September 27th

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Nijil Jamal Jones Mon 27 Sep 2021 3:04PM

Jamie - should be more clarity around ideology

  • not non profit work

  • socialist and democratic business practices is a growing edge

Cai - spiritual

  • Chelsea is a yoga instructor

  • more grounding together spiritually


  • "good idea" to bring forth spirituality

  • how to build trust

  • "one accord spiritually"

  • team bonding

  • democratic business practices is very "new"

Cai - has seen the struggles

  • believes the struggles were necessary because this has been very new

    • a deeper thing going on than other co-ops been seen

  • all that new-ness and struggle sets us apart and is necessary to create what we dream

Munk - a short spiritual meet up

Brandon - set up really good

  • great to ground in health and spirituality

  • gives gratitude for this

Sharley & Jojo

  • we have been operating at a loss recently

  • sales have been gradually increasing

  • labor is the largest expense

  • the team decides how to get back in the black

  • payroll has to be in by Monday afternoon


Nijil Jamal Jones Mon 27 Sep 2021 3:06PM

Agenda September 27th 

10:00 - Hello’s 10:05 - Discussion of principles, termination process.

Questions: Would it be beneficial to be explicit about some of our shared beliefs/vision?

Would we add to the 7 principles?

How are our values reflected elsewhere, such as in our termination process? 

10:25 - Put together team to draft documents coming out of this conversation.

10:30 - A visit from our bookkeeper.

11:00 - End


Michele Tue 28 Sep 2021 3:11AM

Previously on a thread I shared information of how the Food Program provides family daycares as well as adult care facilities a generous dollar amount monthly since they are required by law to offer nutritious meals daily to each person in thier care INCLUDING A TYPE OF MILK.

The dollar amount is definitely enough for them to buy Pecan Milk WEEKLY as well as with us providing information to Proprietor as to the multiple benefits of replacing Dairy for children and adults in thier facilities.

The food program is part of the Department of Human Resources so they don't alert providers as to when they're coming to check and give a grade and/or remove points .

For family day cares they also provide a dollar amount for the Providors' children which are also in school such as.... six children plus my 2 in elementary or middle school =$800.00. per month just for groceries.

Now this was over 22 years ago when I did this so I'm sure it's way more now. Everyone who provides care and receives compensation for three or more children are required to register their daycare with Department of Human Resources or risk fines and forced closures.

My reason for reiterating this is because it is an easy way to generate continuous income by reaching out to those that are required to offer milk or a milk substitute by law on a daily basis.

By Georgia Law the Owner of Family Daycares must be present throughout the day or have and assistant in case of their absence who is/was also registered in has received training. Therefore an appointment with proprietor during the day could easily be set up perhaps while children are napping or after/before a meal.


Jamie Knott Mon 4 Oct 2021 2:08PM

Good info. Thank you ma’am