Mon 9 Feb 2015 8:32PM

WANTED: new board member

HM Hubat McJuhes Public Seen by 116

There is a vacated seat in the board. The board is free to rectify the situation by appointing a new member.

If you are (vaguely) interested, please raise your hand here or write an e-mail to [email protected]

The duties of the new board members are to show a good degree of reliability in attending the board meetings. These take place every fortnight on Thursdays 8pm.

Being an existing member is not a requirement, but being willing to provide arguments for the positions one brings forward are seen as an advantage.

Please don't be shy. The current fellow board members don't bite ;-)


Hubat McJuhes Wed 11 Feb 2015 8:06PM

Anyone is invited to visit the board meetings in person. Board meetings are public.
We meet in mumble which is an OpenSource cross-platform VoIP conferencing client/server system. We meet on this server (no particular username or password required):


  • default port 64738,
  • free choice of username,
  • no password required

The server will provide a long list of chat rooms used by pirates from all around the world. You will find us under 'International' -> 'Pirate Party of New Zealand'

Board meetings are held every fortnight on Thursdays at 8pm.
The next official board meeting is scheduled for next week, the 19th. But at least I will be present today to be approachable by anyone interested in any matters.

Please come along and don't forget to bring your headset! If you need further advise: we will be listening before and during the meeting on our IRC channel you can easily access via our website