Tue 21 Mar 2017 10:40AM

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21.03.2017 did slack:
marjoline [10:17 AM]
We are looking at possibilities of creating an Etherpad within a DiEM25 site ourselves. But Judith needs something right now I think. Basically something where a lot of us can work together simultaneously and where we can add comments on a document without changing it. With regard to Loomio as proposed above, Loomio is good for discussions, but Loomio is not a document collaboration tool.

wesseldublin [10:51 AM]
@marjoline indeed, that's also a concern I have with Loomio. Could you perhaps put together and advisory note for tonights meeting that we can use in our discussion. I think that we'll eventually send a number of options to Judith, with pro's and con's (tomorrow morning the latest, hopefully even tonight after the meeting :))


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DiEM could use a combination of tools Closed Fri 24 Mar 2017 10:02AM

DiEM could use a combination of tools : szenarios:
_ one "hub" tool as central (option mainstream/conventional/commercial) like
MS Office365 / user: the central writing-orga team which gathers everything
_ an open platform like googles gdrive, where co-writing possible in echtzeit
_ everyone else works its own text in own programms and copypaste the results in gdrive

_selfhosted frama/piratepad solution if there are already enough strong addons for chapterconstruction/ commenting/ voting on text
_selfhosted mattermost solution (instead of slack/hipchat)

_let the sunshine in ;) - I mean the ..chaos in ;)
everybody goes in coworking-groups which have themselves decided about the software to use for the texts, which have to be collected at the end in a transparent process from the central team _this is the quickest way to a solution, because already in practice. The point is that the end work unit is huge and this has to be organised in a certain way (portions) to be feasible and transparent ...how exactly have to be discussed


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Simon Giger
Wed 22 Mar 2017 8:16PM

This is a good proposal, i am used to do so. But recently i was trying out http://www.discuto.io/consultation/18434. I would give that a try and that doesn't work out, we could definitely come back to this proposal.