Thu 1 Jul 2021 2:29PM


EME Erica May / EM Public Seen by 10

I've been thinking a lot about the e-Buddy program and really want to disentangle it from the Emergency Food program (presently, e-Buddy volunteers call residents who don't have email to inform them of their delivery time) because I feel like things aren't gelling on either side:

  1. volunteers have to read a script which leaves little room for genuine conversation or connection;

  2. residents being called didn't sign up to receive check-in calls/aren't expecting calls;

I'm still formulating my thoughts (which is also why I'm making this thread -- so I can keep track of e-Buddy ideas and also receive any input!!

Here's a little series of graphics I'm working on for the reimagining of the program:


Erica May / EM Thu 1 Jul 2021 3:01PM

another thing -- @Dragoș told me one of the heatwave safety tips involves calling someone who knows your speech patterns because a symptom of heat stroke is slurred speech which goes undetected in people living alone. another reason i wanna facilitate some genuine connections