Wed 5 Apr 2017 3:54PM

What Does an Example Election Consist of?

WW William WAUGH Public Seen by 338

In my opinion, an example election for a single winner begins with an assumption about the number of candidates, and we identify them (perhaps with letters A, B, and so on), and an assumption about the true valuations the voters place on each candidate's winning, and of course an assumption about the count of voters sharing each evaluation.

Then there is an assumption about how much the voters know about what the other voters want.

The voting system is chosen, and the author of the example should provide some reasoning as to how the voters might reason from their preferences and from their knowledge of the other voters and from the characteristics of the voting system, to determine the voting strategy most appropriate to the situation faced by each faction of voters.

So finally, once the voting strategies of the voters of various stripes are determined, it is straightforward to simulate the tally and pinpoint who wins.

Disclaimer: I do not live in Oregon.