Wed 24 May 2017 2:03AM

Someone needs to manage this Loomio page!

SW Sara Wolf Public Seen by 17

Hi Pat,
From what I hear you started this fabulous Loomio group that has helped us come so far with collective decision making and democratic group process! Thanks for that. A few things have come up that require some group management attention:

  1. There have been a number of people that have tried to join in recent months and it seems that they need to be added by admin. Can you add them and future people wo want to join? Are you admin and would you consider adding me or others to help with that role?

  2. The steering committee that was nominated/appointed by the general assembly of this group has been meeting and making tons of progress on many fronts. One decision made was to focus our efforts on Score Runoff Voting after the options and factors were considered at length. Later it was decided to merge with Equal Vote and become their PDX chapter since our mission is the same and teamwork makes the dream work. We are still inclusive and inviting to people with all perspectives as long as they care about voting system reform and fair, representative democracy. This loomio group feels like it is "us,". This is a question we would bring to this group before making a final decision. It would be great to have more clarity on who we are and the fact that this group is more representative of us than the splinter group RCV PDX or Alan's RCV OR in Benton County.


Pat Farnach Wed 24 May 2017 3:31AM

Hi there,
Sorry for the inactivity. I thought I made one or two other people admins before but I'm not sure what happened with that. @sarawolf, I'll add you as a coordinator (I don't see an option to add admins but I'll keep poking around).

As for new members, the joining permissions are set to allow anyone to join without approval and there are no pending requests or anything like that at the moment.


Sara Wolf Wed 24 May 2017 12:34PM

Oh, great, thanks! Now that I have permissions I see that the three pending members aren't people that want to join, but people that have been invited to join but haven't accepted. I made @benjaminamos a moderator too since he's in all the subgroups. I hope you'll stay involved with this! Lot's of progress and exciting things have been happening! Go team!